On the "redneck's argument", about liberals and homosexuals


One sometimes hears the argument that “liberals and homosexuals destroy this country”. It is by moralistic humanists rejected as homophobia. But it is not that simple. It is true that the HBTQ movement (Homo, Bi, Trans, Queer) promotes relativistic postmodernism and left-wing views antithetical to the patriarchal worldview that our civilization is founded upon; the lifeblood of Christendom. Central to postmodernist philosophy is that human beings are, as such, perfect and stainless, whereas traditional Christians view human nature as more or less corrupt, stained by original sin. Postmodernists say that “anything goes”, because values are only based on arbitrarily imposed structures, formulated by culture. Thus, if we think that pederasty is wrong, it is merely the result of patriarchal cultural indoctrination. It seems that most homosexuals support such a view. In effect, as a collective, they have a corruptive influence on Western culture. It is actually possible to criticize homosexuals as a group without being a homophobe.


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