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Hi everyone,

I have been trying to discern what to write about. What sort of things God wants me to focus on doing and who He wants me to focus on helping and serving.

Recently, the idea of researching and writing and praying about anxiety has come to me. I suffer from extreme anxiety, and I think this affliction has been the tool the Devil has used most to cripple me and prevent me from serving God and the people He wants me to serve.

I am going to pray about this, but I would like any suggestions for reading and resources and organizations that deal with anxiety in any form. This might be something God is calling me to pray, write and act about.

I would like to know of any Catholics who write about anxiety from the standpoint of theology, philosophy, psychology, science, maybe even theology of the body, as anxiety is a very incarnate thing. Anything from the saints or popes on anxiety. Maybe discussion of the anxiety Jesus’ experienced for example at the garden of Gethsemene, which we contemplate in the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. Now that I think of it, it is comforting that Jesus chose to participate in our human experience of anxiety as He prayed before His passion.

Any reading or study suggestions are appreciated. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and insights on anxiety. Anything that might help me understand and help those with anxiety.

And as always, prayers are appreciated too.

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.
God bless you all. Amen.


Hi. Have you heard of Dr. Conrad Baars? He was a Catholic psychologist or psychiatrist, and his daughter now heads the Baars Institute.

He coined the term emotional deprivation disorder. He also talks about obsessive compulsiveness, among others.


I have some of their audios on CD.


Clearly, the Lord desires that we live in tremendous peace. As you know, there is much help available for anxiety, beginning with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as practiced by Catholic counselor Dr. Gregory Popcak.

Strange that, as science, technology and communication have improved, they have brought with them only greatly increased anxiety. We enjoy the longest life span and best medical care in human history - yet health anxiety runs rampant. A puzzling dichotomy.

How fortunate we are to have a proven method of unlearning the cognitive habits and practices which lead to the development of, or trigger existing anxiety. I am involved in several cancer forums and anxiety runs high - but get this, not so much among cancer patients, but among those who FEAR having cancer.

The disease is far more fearsome when one does not have it, actually. If that is the way God chooses to call me home, then blessed be the name of the Lord!

How about an anxiety blog? You already have writing skills. You could polish them on a blog.


@Writer_for_God , perhaps Christian Meditation may help you .

I am thinking in particular of the ways which were taught by Fr John Main OSB .

There may be some of his methodology which does not fit in with how you do things , but this can be adapted to your own requirements at your will .

I know the primary purpose of Christian Meditation is to link us with God , but I have found that one of the secondary results for me has been relaxation , peace , and a feeling of wholeness .

It isn’t for everyone , but it may be for you .

May the Lord grant you that peace which surpasses all understanding .


Some anxiety is good. It keeps us awake and helps us avoid temptation. The anxiety that becomes religious scrupulosity is bad, when sinners become obsessed with eternal damnation for instance. The anxiety that stops us from having the courage to follow our well-formed Christian conscience, is something we all need to work on. So we don’t become cookie-cutter catholics, afraid to appear outsiders who don’t belong.


You have basically defined the “Fear of the Lord” Avoiding sin first for His sake, and then for ours.


I also struggle with anxiety. “Protect us from all anxiety” – one of my favorite prayers from the mass.

I pray the rosary every day. I find it helps a great deal.

I believe in the past when philosophers and theologians believed in four temperaments, anxiety was attributed to the melancholic temperament – certain people just tended to have a disposition towards it. Today people would probably call it anxiety disorder. Certainly Satan can prey on someone’s vulnerability because of it, but I guess in my case, I view it as a cross to carry rather than something Satan is directly responsible for more often than not.

I like to meditate on some verses from the bible that address anxiety and learning to trust in God as well.


I’ve started to pray the Chaplet of the Sorrowful Heart of Mary daily. You might consider it. It is a reflection on many of the anxieties and troubles that beset our Lady in her life, and it is extremely consoling.


Does it though? Or are people just self diagnosing? Most of the people I know who claim anxiety when asked have never been to a doctor.


The anxiety drives them to doubt both the doctor as well as the results of diagnostic testing. It is a vicious circle.


The people I’m referring to haven’t even been to a doctor. They just get a little stressed and self diagnose anxiety because it’s an in fad. Every 20 something girl I know posts about having anxiety 5 times a week on Facebook.


A great reason to not be on FB.

Personally, I belong to several anti-Social Media sites, but nobody knows this.

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