On the Trinity

I would like to do some research on the trinity both an adequate difintion of who the trinity is and why we beleive in the trinity. Both for my own personal benifiet and in the weird of hand chance that I meet a uniterian of some some sort willing to listen so I have more of a respones than :confused: . Does anyone know of any material I could go and read and stuff (Both biblical and patrisic exergisis plus whatever else would be useful)? Thanks and God bless.

Well, you can read the appropriate section in the Catechism.

For some basic biblical and patristic information, see catholic.com/library/Trinity.asp .

For the article from the old Catholic Encyclopedia, see newadvent.org/cathen/15047a.htm .

One book that I believe was recommended to you some time ago is Frank Sheedโ€™s Theology for Beginners (also see his Theology and Sanity); this would be a good starting place for studying the topic.

Read this book.

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