On the Uses and Misuses of Crowds

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Yes, it’s very common to see the “Might makes right” logic in leftist activism today. However, it’s far more telling to see what a group of people freaks out about vs. what they don’t address.

The Media, Leftists and Democrats absolutely FREAKED out when armed protesters entered federal buildings to stand against aggressive shut downs. They used words like Terrorism, Violence, etc. They also mocked, ridiculed, and shamed these protestors for even walking outside, assigning guilt of murder to them for not being on house-arrest quarantine.

Of course, these protesters were legally armed, entirely peaceful, and even cleaned up after they left.

Yet, MASSIVE public outcry.

Now, we have George Floyd protesters, which are obviously filled with large pockets of terrorist rioters, burning down hundreds of buildings, vandalizing entire districts, taking over city streets, assaulting police officers with bombs, fireworks, and laser pointers to blind them… it basically looks like a third world war country… and what do we hear?

“Hey now, these are MOSTLY PEACEFUL”…

Yes, “mostly peaceful”.

Meanwhile, not a peep about their lack of social distancing and lack of mask wearing.

These glaring double standards only point out the obvious political motives around all of these “concerns”. The people that are claiming to care about Grandma dying don’t actually, or else they’d be freaking out about both instances. Yet, they aren’t. Nor do they care about blacks dying at greater rates due to restricted police thanks to leftist mayors. Those black lives don’t appear to matter… only the few that tragically happen by police. How sick.

Consistency reveals someone’s true nature. Flip Flopping shows you’re a fraud. The left is simply partaking in political theater daily, acting moritified and offended when someone dares even say something they disagree with. It’s all a lack of emotional control, with a compliant media and spineless politicians and PR departments.


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