On the verge of leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses

I simply cannot stand it anymore. We had a video at one of our services that said along the lines of “trust us because Jehovah selected the Governing Body and Jehovah’s directions comes through us.”

That equates to being inspired does it not? Is this not extreme blaspheme? I cannot stand it anymore but leaving is not simple when all your family and friends are part of it and will distance themselves from me for leaving.”

I just needed to rant.


I believe you will get support here for leaving. It is a choice only you can make but it is a wise one.

I’ll add you to my prayer list.


If you want to see the video it’s here


It’s 15 minutes in

Im praying for you, pilgram.


Its cult that stands on its own self describe merits.

Ultimately what you have to ask yourself is:
Do they help the community of themselves(the tower)?


I can’t tell you what to do but I know what I’d do. I had a similar dilemma many years ago and I became an active Catholic again.

And if you do leave, as the other poster suggested, you’ll find a supportive community here.

Prayers from here as well.

Good luck.

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The Holy Spirit is leading you to truth, Tom. Yes, it is very difficult to leave. Have you watched some of the conversion videos on The Coming Home Network? They might be of some comfort.

Still, Dr. David Anders (host of Called to Communion on EWTN/YouTube) states that, in dealing with family and friends, it is good to approach the argument from the subject of your conscience.

Probably all would agree that you should not do something that violates your conscience. And that is perhaps the door cracking open for them to realize that conversion is not just a matter of belief, but of conscience.


Very good question

Pray for guidance and trust in the Lord. (see Proverbs 3:5)

‘Blessed indeed are the ears that listen, not to the voice which sounds without, but to the truth which teaches within.’ - The Imitation of Christ

Your friends and your family won’t stand before God for your life only you will go that. If you know the TRUTH then follow it. You are responsible for your own soul.

When I came into the church in my 20’s it was a very unpopular decision. There are many who have been in your shoes. Life continues and you make new friends. Prayers for you and your journey.

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If you happen to become Catholic, you won’t regret it, I call tell you that much.

I do realize you are immersed in the JW faith. Leaving that faith will be painful overall. But I think it’s the right thing to do once you feel as though you have become enlightened.

As other’s said, you will have support here from us. Please rant anytime you need to rant ! :slight_smile:


I was a member of two different corporation type churches, where they have a ceo, own all church property, and claim there product is better than all the other ones. The claim above doesn’t seem unusual for a corporation type church.

I will pray for you and hope you escape and recover from the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult. I can highly commend to you this website by an ex-Jehovah’s Witness.

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I feel your pain Tom. Most of my family left the Catholic church to become JW and it has torn my family apart over the years. While it is sad and heart breaking, i am very peaceful with my decision to remain Catholic. May this same peace be with you!!!


I am going to my first mass tonight incognito - see what it’s like.


Things haven’t changes in the 30 years since I left, it seems.

You have my encouragement

Were you a witness before then?

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