On this Memorial Day Weekend:


Let’s include prayers for:

The soldiers fighting in Iraq – may God keep them safe and bring peace to that country.

For the souls of all the war dead – ALL of them.

That the human race comes to its senses and avoids future wars.


I will offer these intentions at Mass on Monday morning.


:signofcross: :gopray: :gopray: :gopray: :signofcross:



my prayers and daily Mass for these intentions :highprayer:


Amen to that.

My dad and several of my uncles are veterans and they know all too well the pain that can arise watching friends die.

Please, Jesus, watch over all the people in uniform. Keep them safe and guide them home to their loved ones.


Let us pray for those being deployed this weekend, and for their families. Went to 3 going away parties for parishioners this week, who were sent off Friday to embarkation points.




Praying for this intention.


Bump for Monday

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