On Whether Naps Are Necessary For Salvation


(Utrum Siestae Necessae sunt pro salute)

Objection I - It would seem that naps are not necessary for salvation. Salvation consists in becoming like to God. God is most actual. Hence, we must be actual. Now, naps are opposed to actuality and are hence opposed to salvation.

Objection II - Besides, the Apostle says, “Be watchful and awake, for your salvation is near at hand.” Naps are opposed to being watchful. Hence, it follows that naps are opposed to salvation.

Objection III - Furthermore, Aristotle says that virtue consists in activity. Naps are not activity and are therefore not counted as virtuous. Hence, it follows that naps are opposed to salvation.

On the contrary, the Psalmist says, “He pours gifts on his beloved while they slumber.” Now, salvation is a gift, and we must sleep to receive the gifts of God. Hence, naps are necessary for salvation.

I answer that naps can be spoken of in two ways: naps in a relative sense (secundum quid) and naps simply speaking (simpliciter dicta).

Relatively speaking, naps are neutral in that they can be used for a good or a bad purpose. Naps, simply speaking, are those naps which give us the rest that we might wake “refreshed and joyful” to praise God (as the Roman Breviary says). To this end, naps are necessary for salvation, since praising God is necessary for salvation.

Furthermore, contemplation is said to be “rest in God.” Now, contemplation flows from Charity, and Charity is necessary for salvation; it follows that naps, which are also a kind of rest, are necessary for salvation. Likewise, contemplation is said to be a foretaste of heavenly beatitude. Naps are a foretaste of heavenly beatitude.

Furthermore, Jesus slept in the boat. Hence, we are to sleep in the Church, for the boat is a type of the Church. Hence we are to sleep during church, often during homilies. Consequently, it must be said that naps are necessary for salvation.

Reply to the first objection - One cannot mistake immobility for potency. For a man acts even in immobility; for instance, the liturgy compels us to times of silence. Sleep is perfect silence. God is all perfection. Hence, God is most actually napping.

Reply to the second objection - The Apostle spoke figuratively, not literally. For Saint Joseph was watchful in his sleep, that is why God spoke to him in a dream. So also God spoke to many Saints in dreams. Hence, we are to nap watchfully, that God might speak to us.

Response to the third objection - Aristotle was a pagan and cannot be expected to have understood the deep mysteries of God’s napping. Had he known the revelation, he would have slept much more than he did.

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Sleep is perfect silence.%between%

Whoever wrote that has not heard me snore.

You must be the trumpet that will wake the dead on the Last Day. :smiley:

as my late grandfatherfather would say " Will the learned council please get to the point as he is almost in contempt of court with his long pointless dissertation of a fishing expedition" Please explain your posting it is ambiguious like a typical lawyer or english professor

I would have love your grandfather!

It’s suppose to be funny. Because it’s about naps. :slight_smile:

Well, I did get a cease-and-desist order from someone named “Heimdall”…

Thanks for posting, Eucharisted! I was just thinking about taking a nap, and feeling a little guilty. I can now go and nap without scruples!

I read part of your post to my daughter, and she said naps are necessary for almost everything. Re. salvation, naps keep her from getting grumpy and going out and committing heinous sins.:smiley:

St. Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower) used to drop off to sleep (naps?) in the Choir. She tells about it in her autobiography… “The Story of a Soul”. She maintained, that it didn’t matter… because God loves His little children, and knows our weakness. And that He loves us… whether awake or asleep. :smiley:

absolutely and because I am trying to do all in my power to grow spiritually hold my calls, I will be asleep for the next 2 hours (I will take messages from the Holy Spirit, he has my cell).

Aren’t the Aquinas-style arguments so much fun? :smiley: One of our favourites is Whether Santa Claus Exists. Christmas-time comes, people are up in arms about it, and we always pull this out to lighten up the mood when things start getting too intense.

Another favourite I can’t provide, as I have no written copy, but my brother loves to tell the tale of the reading of Whether Canada Exists. “Aquinas” didn’t give too good a verdict for Canada, and the reader of the argument was chased off the stage by the Canadians present. :smiley:

Thanks for posting this! I’m somewhat of a collector of those “rediscovered Summa arguments.”

I don’t know about salvation, but naps are necessary for my survival. For folks like me with sleep apnia, naps are the only way we can get through the day.

My favorite joke, I want to die like my grandfather, in his sleep, not like all his passengers, kicking and screaming !! :smiley:

Actually St. Thomas Aquinas was a philosopher, not a lawyer or English prof :wink:

It’s Aquinas’ writing style! I’m feeling proud of myself for recognizing it- I’ve just been reading some of his work regarding the Eucharist. People always seem so smart to me when they understand Aquinas.

Fun play on it :).

Oh naps are most definitely necessary to your salvation - I’ll send you to meet your maker a heck of a lot sooner than you’re expecting it, and thus unprepared for the Judgement, if you dare to interrupt my nap :stuck_out_tongue:

As my father (also a very devoted napper) would say, ‘don’t wake me up for anything! Ok, maybe if the house is on fire, but even then put it out first and only wake me up when you’re done’. :smiley:

Two lines from the Psalter come to mind:

  1. God gives His beloved sleep.

  2. Let the saints rejoice in glory; let them rejoice on their beds.

This suggests that naps are either a divine charism, or perhaps at least supererogatory.

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