Once a confessional


I found this picture on flickr of what used to be a confessional./


There is a little boutique here that has a confessional as dressing rooms :nope:


[quote="HoosMommie, post:2, topic:320354"]
There is a little boutique here that has a confessional as dressing rooms :nope:


Where is "here"?

edit:...lest I be accused breaking one of the rules...I'm just curious for something a bit more specific than "deep south" - like you're state...if you don't mind, of course.




At least the confessional in the OP is being put to religious use. ;)


I’m sorry, but this is not okay. Once a Confessional, always a Confessional. What happens inside is something a price tag could never be put on.


No one’s mentioned selling what happens inside, though. :slight_smile:


The picture was taken at a church in France. I think the Eldest Daughter needs to focus more on getting people into the confessionals rather than just to the confessional to see what is happening in the community. Now the place where people once confessed to the sin of gossip is just a step above a gossip board itself.


Well, just to argue the flip-side here… It is very possible the Church went through a redesign and had new confessionals installed. Maybe they needed something bigger. It is still in the Church which is a plus, and it by no means indicates that Confession is no longer held at that church. At least it isn’t at a boutique like the other poster mentioned and being used for a dressing room. :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing. The abbey I’m associated with has numerous confessionals scattered about here in there; a couple near the porter’s office, a couple in the mezzanine, etc.

None of them are actually in use. Why? Because the new abbey church, has a reconciliation room where there’s the option for either face-to-face or behind the screen confession. It’s more spacious, and most importantly easier for the elderly monks that are the confessors, and those with mobility challenges, to use. When they finished the room (many years after the church was finished in 1994; they prioritize their finances according to need), the old confessional from the previous oratory that had also been used in the new church for many years was removed. Who knows it may even be in use somewhere as a broom closet. Nothing goes to waste at the abbey.

What’s important, IMHO, is not the box used as a confessional, but the fact that the abbey still offers traditional confession before Sunday Mass, and by appointment at other times.

It amazes me how some picture of a place that no one has never been to, can be create a scandal where possibly none exists.


Fair enough point. I always assume the worst. But I would prefer that if they’re not used for confessions, that they wouldn’t be used as a bulletin board.


It’s not like there are advertisements for the nearest strip club on there. It appears to be a church bulletin. Confessionals, unlike Eucharistic items like patens and chalices, are not imbued with the body and blood of Christ–they don’t have the Real Presence, so what’s the big deal? Confession can be held anywhere so there’s no specific reason that that one location where confessions took place has to be used forever or burned.


In are parish are confessional is built into the church wall so wont see my parish confessional in the street use as a bulletin board

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