Once Again Christ Copycats try to disprove us


Here we go again, first horus, then apollo, then mythras, and now THIS.:shrug:

Ssshhhhh… Don’t tell him.

The Onion is a satirist website, everything on there is a joke and carries no weight.

Party pooper.

You just had to spill the beans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone think ISIL will issue a fatwa - or is that only for disparaging (joking or not) certain so-called prophets and not in regard to insulting his boss the deity?

Hmm, Isn’t Jesus also a respected prophet in Islam?

Touche - so feign anger and retaliate at only one? Idolatry?

True, but the poignancy of “see how stupid you sound when you try and claim this one religion is closer related to all these other religions than it is to the one is actually IS closly related to?” still comes through.

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