Once again looking for a job


What follows is just background info if you want or need to know anything about the situation. You’re more than welcome to skip to the end.

The last one finished on 2nd Dec. I’m much healthier without it, as the atmosphere was sick, the partners and senior lawyers creating silly work out of the blue, sometimes repeating work already done, just to do anything for lack of work. Didn’t like the way they treated me either. But with all this crisis, any job is nice to have.

It looks like there are very few offers, although I can find some. Understandably, nothing is perfect, but most of what I can find has flaws. There’s an opening in the Foreign Ministry (yeah, I’m in Europe - Poland precisely), in the human rights litigation department. Duties involve representation, talking to applicants, arranging settlements and so on. Looks great and I really like human rights. They want languages and I can oblige. They say Ph.D. done or being done would be great and I’m doing one in criminal proceedings, specialising in the rights of the accused. What’s the catch? We all know what human rights cases tend to be. Discrimination, delayed process of the law, inequalities and so on are one thing, gay rights and abortion rights are a different thing. I’m not going to do that kind of thing even if I’m going to get shot, so losing that job by way of discharge is perhaps a possibility… Not like I’d enjoy proving why and how the state did not violate someone’s rights if it did. :wink: However, a former workmate says the guy who runs that dept is the best boss he’s ever had. Perks include diplomatic status, pay is less than I earned in the law firm, but work hours are probably much more civilised and I suppose the work is more creative. Still…

Another opening they have in the govt’s legislation centre. Anything from junior legislator to head legislator and the last time I checked, that was a surprisingly high rank in the civil service, though chances are the pay isn’t as good as in the Foreign Ministry (despite the difference in grade) and the work might be rather tedious when you need to dig through tons of low-level badly written legislation on totally boring subjects. And I’m not sure of my ability to work in what is essentially drafting proposed laws to the tune of the govt’s directives if I am totally at odds with the ruling party. Fewer opportunities for a conflict of conscience than in the Foreign Ministry’s human rights work, I guess.

Then there are also private openings and I’d be inclined to go that way, the pay being bigger and not having to take any political directives from the party I disagree with, but these days all openings are for in-house lawyers and I’m a law firm lawyer, I specialise in litigation, I’m doing a Ph.D. in criminal procedural law, which is rather far apart. And I hate taxes and forms of any kind, I just couldn’t do finance stuff.

The common problem with both govt and corporate employ is that the bar association might refuse me permission to keep it when I am done litigating the bar traineeship exam - we need to train 3.5 years for the bar (which is already after graduating in law) and there’s both an entry and a final exam. I was three points short of passing the entry one, but I’m litigating it because at least several questions had wrong answers or were logically flawed and a number violated the applicable regulation for other reasons. So if I win - and there’s a big chance, I may have to drop any govt or corporate employ I have - especially the govt. Obviously, I could skip the training and just take the final exam when I’m done with the Ph.D. (Ph.D.'s are allowed to skip the training and just take a go at the final exam), but that would defeat the point of my current excessive litigation.

A still different option, one I’ve been returning to in my mind, is once again taking up English teaching and adding translation to the menu, this time as a registered business with all the stuff like a website, seals, visit cards, stationery and whatever it takes to run a professional legal/business language consultation office. The most independence, probably the best rates, the most risk and the most paperwork. And the farthest from my learned profession, sadly, even if I’ve taught English and Latin for longer than I’ve practised law and translation at my speed and the rate for a specialised text should easily net me several times more money from an hour of work than I got at the law firm. Naturally, you need to generate business and that’s the problem. It can be dealt with, but it takes time and the reality of it is much less of a bed of roses than it appears, especially in a time of economic crisis and a country which is deep sunk in bureaucracy and senseless overregulation. Skipping the whole business stuff and remaining a private freelancer is the best tax-wise (as long as it qualifies as a form of authorship, your income is halved for tax purposes and then the tax rate is 19%, so basically 90% of your cash remains yours), but in that case you are not allowed to provide services for the people - you can only work for corporations and agencies. And to acquire that kind of contacts is more difficult than to find business as a one-person company. I’m doing some of that at the moment, but so far I am only staffing one course at a language school and more doesn’t seem to be coming.

This basically means tough times and tough decisions and admittedly, much of the problem is with me and not with the market or the possible openings. Sometimes I wish one could find in the field one studied, put all the skills to use, get a good pay, have a boss that respects labour laws and treats people like people, but the world doesn’t work that way. If you don’t mind a short prayer, I’ll be grateful.


Thanks for sharing, Chevalier. It helps a bit to vent and to hope that somebody out there gets how complicated and difficult it all is. I’m not sure I could hold all that complication in my head. :slight_smile: Your problems are more intelligent then I!
What you’re faced with, and trying to decide, is overwhelming…so I pray that the path opens clearly for you.

Holy Spirit please enter into Chevalier’s situation and lead him to the most wholesome decisions and direstion for his life.

I’ll keep you in my prayers, Trishie



I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, but you lost me somewhere around the 4th paragraph.

What is the desire of your heart? What do you want to do? I mean, If you could just do what you thought God wanted you to do and what you thought would make you happy and would utilize your talents, what would you do?

Have you ever considered working at the Vatican in the field of CANON LAW?

The reason I’m asking is the Vatican has been working on what may be the largest reunifications in the history of Christendom. And, This really is for real - By the end of next year, God willing, the TAC will be united to the See of Peter. If done correctly, that structure could very well end up providing a home for as many as 10 million “Anglo-Catholics” and “Anglican Catholics” who have either left the Anglican Communion or who are considering leaving the Anglican Communion.

As this would provide forward momentum on the negotiations for Catholic-Orthodox Unity, this might be able ro provide long-term employment for a Litigator-negotiator who really wants to serve the Lord.

Make your inquiries with the Vatican & let me know what turns up… I don’t know if there’s a position, but I do know about the negotiations.

Your Brother & Servant in Christ, Michael


Thanks, Trishie and Michael.

Trishie, it’s still overwhelming, but some positions are off the table now. Skipped the Foreign Ministry job and not sure about the govt legislative bureau, either, although I might try.

Michael, what a brilliant proposal. I wish I could try, but I’m no canon lawyer. I’ve only had a one semester course and exam in marriage cases because it was available as an elective at my secular university (the prof had a real doctorate in canon law as one of very few laymen). I’d need to do a lot of studying first and I already am in delay with my Ph.D. thesis in criminal procedures, unfortunately. I do intend to take a closer look at canon law in the future and would love to get a doctorate in it at some point, but can’t really afford that now - and I need to earn cash so I could pay for my current doctoral course. :o

Meanwhile, a new opening has shown up. This time, it’s a private company running course programmes in relevant legal matters for self-government agencies, especially public procurement and some issues of construction law. There is a basic pay for one day of teaching which is 22% of what I earned monthly in the law firm, while the exact figure depends on the rating given by the audience, so you can get from 75% to 130% of the basic pay. The catch is that courses take place in different cities and they don’t reimburse travel. They probably don’t reimburse anything at all, other than providing lodging if the course takes more than one day. But still, I could spend say 5 days teaching, another 5 days or a bit more preparing the lectures, which would add up to 10 days a month for the same kind of pay I got from the law firm. The rest of the time I could work on my Ph.D. paper and also the teaching material I could either reuse in future courses, or use in my own bonus academic work, i.e. outside my primary field. Plus, public procurement is more able to get you a job in a law firm than litigation is… Let’s hope it works out, though I have some bad feelings.

Obviously, if I could have a job in a Catholic institution which would allow me to finance my further education and afford a reasonable living, I would go there. After all, dioceses are allowing advocates again, and those can be laymen, unlike judges.


Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you!


could also mean protecting rights of medical personnel to refuse to participate in procedures against their own moral or religious code, protecting rights of immigrants, rights of free speech to protest immoral government activities and so forth. I have no idea what such a job would entail in a European union country, but I would not operate under a preconceived notion, I would try to find a review of precisely what specific cases and issues this office has dealth with in the past, what is in the pipeline now, and what your part would be in all of this before ruling it out.

sorry did not realize this was a prayer intention, so I will be praying for your disernment.

you might try posting this more detailed discussion on Faith and Finances instead of here


That is correct. Well, the opening is closed now. From my limited information, it seemed to me that job involved basically working on cases where the country is sued for human rights violations. I know a guy who did an internship there as a student. At any rate, I took knowledge of that opening too late to be able to get together all the documents I would have needed.

sorry did not realize this was a prayer intention, so I will be praying for your disernment.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

you might try posting this more detailed discussion on Faith and Finances instead of here

Thanks for the idea. I will consider it. :slight_smile: I wasn’t really looking so much for discussion as simply giving some background info - after all, the situation here and there is much different in many ways. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey! Looks like I’ve got two serious offers and one smaller. Basically, the translators who haven’t replied for a while have apologised for the delay and told me the sample they got from me was rated the highest possible and they would like to cooperate with me. That means buying specialist software for professional translators and likely registering a business (with that I could also legally teach or translate for the populace because you need to be a registered business here to provide services to the general populace - freelancers can only work for companies and associations). That could become quite stable, offer a nice money per time ratio and keep me floating. No commute required, I can sit home and do it on my computer, sending the output online and organising my work any way I want (e.g. two monitors - one for original text, one for output, comfy armchair and all the coffee I want).

The other offer comes from one of my favourite university teachers. He has recommended me to a prof he knows, who works for a firefighter academy. It would be a teaching/research job, or at least a teaching job with a free Ph.D. tuition. I’d hate to lose touch with my very own alma mater (I’m doing the Ph.D. where I got my Master’s before, so I’ve been there for 6.5 years now), plus my current university is far more prestigious, so I’d better take the degree there, but I could get a second one in a different field of the law or something. Don’t know about the pay, but probably less than the translators. The location is close to home, but commute required.

The third offer is from the school where I’m currently teaching legal English. They might have a second course for me to take. The money per hour rate isn’t bad, but it’s less than stellar considering the commute takes longer than the class itself, plus I need to prepare and to check some assignments outside class time, meaning it can easily grow from the paid 90 minutes to half a working day and while the pay is great for 1.5 hours, it’s not good for 1.5 hours teaching plus 2 hours commute plus 0.5-1 hours prep plus homework grading. If I could squeeze it in with the course I already teach, then I’d have to commute only once, so it wouldn’t be bad, but I’m leaning towards a more fixed employment where you don’t get such stellar rates, but you don’t need to spend so many additional unpaid hours.

One other option is doing the academy for a normal employment with benefits and registering a business for the translators’ jobs and the handy ability to to teach individual people without schools as intermediaries. My head is already aching. Thanks for the prayers and the support. :slight_smile:


Praying and good luck!

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