Once "identified" as gay, now straight with child

So, what do y’all think?


I think he’s just bisexual.

I think sometimes people go through phases. I hope this gift from God will help the parents find their way to He Who gave them this gift.

Who can say for sure? His words and actions say he’s heterosexual, but who knows if A.) he is secretly having gay relations or B.) he is having same-sex thoughts or desires. Either, if true, would imply that he’s gay or bi.

I must say I’m somewhat skeptical of his claims, though. It seems the main reason for his change is due to his new religion, which I don’t believe can change one’s sexual thoughts and desires. It can certainly change one’s actions though. If he does still have same-sex thoughts and desires, then I hope for his family’s sake that he doesn’t end up cheating on his wife like many men in similar situations do.

Haha, I have to post a link to the original video that made this guy famous on the internet, because it was just hilarious:

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, and Hide Yo Husband Because They Raping Everybody Out here :smiley:

Anyway, more than likely the guy has some bisexual tendencies in him. A person might be able to develop an attraction to another sex (speaking from personal experience), but I’ve never heard of a person ceasing to be attracted to one. If you’re attracted to the same sex from a young age, it never just disappears.

Good for him. A childhood friend, who is male also struggled with homosexual attraction and later got married. It’s not unheard of, nor does it automatically mean someone is “bisexual”.

Well, this is what he has to say for himself in an interview with the media:


And also, if by any chance you don’t know who this Antoine Dodson is, see here:


I think he is either bisexual or has been truly blessed to be able to turn around.

Either way, good for him for standing up for what is right and for wanting to settle down with a wife and children.

Oh, ha! Sorry… just realized you beat me to it.

This gets confusing trying to keep up with all the changes! Can you imagine people of the future. They usually talk about, “My, how you’ve changed!” This whole identity crisis time will give that a whole new twist!

I’m married to a woman and I still deal with same-sex attraction. I don’t like the term “bisexual”, because the word itself seems like it should mean “being of both sexes”, which is of course completely inaccurate. I like the term “gay” better, but it’s inaccurate to apply it to myself. So I guess I go without labels.

At any rate, I think – though I could be wrong – that many heterosexual men do understand what makes other men attractive. As being gay becomes trendy, they are encouraged to lean into this understanding, and they might even identify themselves as “gay”. This has been happening with lesbians for years, where straight women start pursuing lesbianism for other reasons than innate attraction. Maybe this was the case with the fellow above, and then he changed his mind?

Thanks for the clips! The second one was fun to watch again.

Watching the first one, though, makes me think he’s bi, and hiding his same-sex feelings and desires. There’s a part that starts around 1:15 where he’s asked if he’s ‘trying to pray the gay away’ and he responds ‘I’m not saying that oh I don’t have the memories of my past cause I do and I see it every day in my mind’. Either he’s being a bit dramatic and exaggerating, or he’s admitting to dealing with constant same-sex attraction. Either explanation fits his character.

I have no idea who this person is, but you are right about people going through phases. Sometimes they may just be following a current trend or doing what they feel like at a given moment.

He’s this guy. Watch the video:


He became famous after this showed up on the news.

Loads of people change from gay to straight.

Uh oh secular taboo broken. :eek:That deviates from what is socially acceptable to write. I am not allowed to believe that irrespective of its veracity.

If “loads” of people do this, surely I would have run into them. I am a married man with same-sex attraction, and I’ve been looking for such people. I don’t think this occurrence is nearly as common as you think.

Have you heard about Josh Weed? The Mormon who is openly gay but married to a woman?

Not long ago I read a story about a Mormon man with a wife and three children and described what he had with his wife as a “robust” sex life who called himself “gay.”

It is pretty clear that the word “gay” is a meaningless referent to an equally meaningless concept, that “sexual orientation” isn’t fixed in men and is even more fluid in women – hence you get gangbangers with vast harems of female lovers and children with each who suddenly revert to man-on-man rape once they’re locked away in prison, hence the ancient stories of sailor sodomy, Spartan boy-buggery, etc. etc. etc. What would you call a man who prefers to have his wife penetrate him with some kind of object? Who even knows, or cares?

People often say “if the shoe fits…” but the problem is that a foot fits into anything larger than it, as well as anything gelatinous. If I stick my foot in a bucket of jello it doesn’t follow that the bucket of jello is a shoe. It just means that I’m defining “shoe” in a way that’s so protean that it can accommodate any anomaly. Which is exactly what we do when we define sexuality primarily in terms of “orientation,” i.e., fleeting preferences in particular circumstances.

I agree that sexual attractions are fluid, to some degree. But that does not mean that gay people don’t experience consistent and powerful attractions to people of the same sex. Josh Weed, the Mormon man you’re talking about, has such attractions. So do I. I don’t call myself gay, because I’m also attracted to women. But it’s not like I can flip a switch, and suddenly not find men attractive.

Your rhetoric makes it sound like gay people are simply perverts who want to stick their sex organs in whatever is nearby. I hope you realize that such a view is needlessly offensive. And false.

Yup. He’s an interesting fellow. :thumbsup:

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