Once-powerful Philippines Church divided, subdued over drug killings


Catholic priests from the Philippines Church, an institution that helped oust two of the country’s leaders in the past, say they are afraid and unsure how to speak out against the war on drugs unleashed by new President Rodrigo Duterte.


I never forget the words of Carol O’Conner as shown in this short and simple public message after the death of his son. His advice echoes the voice of so many other people who face or have faced a lost battle.



Geez, they are unsure about how to speak out against legalized murder? LOL Something is definitely wrong if catholic priests are having this problem!

Something tells me they are scared for their own butts, and worried anything they may say that doesnt mesh well with the current popular sentiment down there, may get them killed or cause other problems…so they just choose to stay silent.

From everything I have read about this, it is pretty much legalized murder, there appears to be no investigations into the killings, as long as someone assumes or thinks another person is a drug dealer or somehow involved in drugs, its OK to kill them, so really anyone could just kill anyone and claim they were drug dealers…SCARY.


They have to be concerned with their flock as well. Someone as dangerous and unhinged as that will most likely take any criticism out on the lay people. That said, I’m not up on the issue over there, this is an uneducated guess.


Any country saturated with illicit drug sales, use and abuse are primed to be in the same situation. Yes, I’d say the priests and flock are probably fearful in the Philippines.


We need to pray for the people in the Philippines.

This election I am voting against the legalization of marijuana in Arizona.


I will be joining you in voting against Prop 205. I hope the rest of our state votes no on legalizing marijuana.


The drug cartels will thank you for your support.

Has anyone looked into the industries that are spending alot of money to oppose this issue, its mainly the alcohol industry and big pharma…why would those two oppose legalization? Does this not tell you something?


I do too. I have no idea what the outcome will be.


They know that with free access to marijuana they will sell less pills.

Legal Marijuana Linked to Fewer Opioid Prescriptions


If that was true why did not a single pharma company try to legally fight the tough prescription painkiller laws back in 2012 that the Govt put in place?

I have never understood that, back then their cash cows were oxycodone, oxycontin, perocet, vicodin, etc but then the Govt comes along with its laws that drastically reduce the number of scripts being written, yet none of them even complained…?

BUt when pot goes on the ballot, they suddenly feel the need to spend millions of dollars to ensure it remains illegal?! LOL


Haha, I hadn’t thought of that. Good question.

Another one that I believe big pharma is targeting is Kratom (this is mostly conspiracy theory). It is used as a pain killer similar to opiates, can be used to treat opioid addiction, is not lethal, and it literally grows on trees. It can be used recreationally has the potential for addiction but it’s far less damaging than heroin or pills. The DEA has been targeting sellers and confiscating their stock (despite it’s legal status). The DEA tried to make it schedule 1 recently but I think they delayed it for now due to public outcry. The punch line is that the pharmaceutical companies have already isolated the active compounds to make drugs with it. Since they got what they wanted from it I imagine they want the plant to be made illegal.


The pharma companies are nothing more than a drug cartel, they just have the justice system backing them up, so they can ensure people must come thru them to get their drugs.

Oxycontin is illegal to have if you buy it off a guy on the street, but its suddenly legal and OK if you go thru a doctor and legit pharmacy? Yeah, that is corruption/monopoly, just a more expensive drug dealer, people just forced to pay more to avoid risk.


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