Once saved always saved, scriptural proof...

But thats just it, your the only adding the forever puryified part, once pirged of our confessed sins then yes we are foever purged of those sins, nut it NEVER says we are forever puryfied of every sin there after, thats fabrication my ****er…

“Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord UPHOLDETH HIM WITH HIS HAND.” (Ps. 37:24)

Though he fall -is a reference to a believer who has committed a sin.

he shall not be utterly cast down - means that the sinning believer has not lost his salvation.

Why does the sinning believer not lose his salvation?

Because God upholds the sinning believer with His hand.

Christ was judged for all sin, even the unbelievers sin.

Sin is not the issue. Christ delt with it. .

then indeed there is no such thing as covering for future sins and salvation is not secure.

Out of fellowship doesnt mean you are out of the family of God.
It means you are a wayward kid that is about to get spanked.

Sorry that is not supported by scripture, your not even christian, you are not a christian, I would go so far as to say portestantism is of satan. You’re nothing but a product of satan…

2 Tim. 2:13

“If we believe not, yet He abideth faithful: He cannot deny Himself.”

  • Paul is writing to believers, i.e., people who have already believed in Christ.

In John 3:16,
God says that if we believe in Christ, He will give us everlasting life.
Everlasting life lasts forever.
If He gives us everlasting life, and then takes it away from us, then what He gave us in the beginning was not everlasting life.
This, in effect, would make God a liar, which He is not.
Reason: He cannot deny Himself.
He cannot go back on His word, even though you and I might.

Is this a prayer or in a inquery???
and funny how you want to add things that aren’t there…

lol, that was there.

They was speaking to God, with a plea for judgement of those who killed them.
There is nothing in the bible about dead saints carring the prayer of the living, like storks carry babies.

Didn’t you start this post on the apologetic forum? It is difficult for me to rewrite all my brillant analysis twice.:smiley:

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