Once Upon a Time & Grimm

Has anyone seen these two fairy based tale shows?

I love Once Upon a Time, and I think it’s great there is finally a show both adults and kids can enjoy. It reminds me a lot of some of the stuff I used to watch on ABC and the Disney Channel growing up.

I haven’t seen Grimm, but I am curious to see how it compares.

I’ve watched both. I prefer “Once Upon a Time” but I don’t like that the tales are so “Disney-fied” (Disney owns ABC, after all). There’s a lot they could have done with the less “sanitized” version of the tales (at the expense of making the show less than family friendly). The special effects and costuming are awesome!

“Grimm” is basically a police procedural with fairy tales. It’s much more violent and “dark” than “Once Upon a Time” and the special effects are corny. The second episode started off okay but it was kind of WTH by the end. I honestly don’t think it will last, but I’m enjoying it while it’s on the air.

Grimm is great, I have enjoyed the last 2 episodes. Get them for free on Hulu!

I really liked Van Helsing and was one of the few people who thought the Brothers Grimm was interesting. How do you like Once upon a Time?

I’m enjoying this show now, but I doubt it’ll get past this season. LOST was their show, I doubt they can top it.

I like Once Upon a Time alot. Haven’t seen Grimm yet.

I like them both although Once Upon a Time is reminiscent of 1987’s “The Charmings”.

Grimm is dark, like the original Grimm tales, not the sanitized Disney versions.

Is Grimm as heavily fairy tale based? I heard by someone is based more on “Police drama” stuff?

Not as “fairy tale” based as Once is. But it is darker, a bit more violent and not as well layered in telling the stories as Once is. I’m not drawn into knowing the regular characters on Grimm yet as I am with Once. They have yet to do anything interesting with the girlfriend on Grimm, she hasn’t served a purpose yet. And I thought the death of one of the characters at the end of Grimm was a bit anti-climatic.

I’m having much more fun with Once trying to guess who all the people in the town will end up being in the fairytales.

Both are interesting to me but I prefer “Grimm.” I agree “Once” is to sanitized.

I wish some of the best horror/fantasy writers could work on these shows.

I’ve only seen two episodes of Grimm. The reference in the first was clearly “Little Red Riding Hood” (the kidnapper took off the little girl’s coat and hung it in the closet where there was already a row of red, hooded jackets hanging) and last night’s was “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”.

Yes, you are correct. But they seem to be more of an “after thought”, than the actual story. I think they spend too much time using the special effects right now than actually setting up the stories or developing the characters.


Because they share the same writers as LOST, there have actually been a few LOST references in the show already. Such as the town clock was stuck on 8:15, reference to Oceanic Flight 815.

Exactly! I loved LOST, and as much as I am enjoying Once, I don’t think they can pull this off as wonderfully. Now, I haven’t heard of Grimm…what channel is showing it?


Space? NBC, Fridays at 9pm EST. There were a few Saturday nights they were repeating the episodes, but not this past weekend.

Maybe not as ORIGINALLY, but that LOST expectations are very high expectations to meet. I think that the Once is a show that is more family orientated. Its a much earlier time slot and Sundays to boot, which means its a different audience they’re trying to reach. I can watch this show with my tween, could never do that with LOST.

Both are really nice show and I ever enjoyed it.

I guess it varies depending on where you live. I’ve been watching it on the Space channel.

At least in the US, it is also online on Hulu.

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