One Bread, One Body


…daily devotional magazine put out by Presentation Ministries. Anyone else use it? What do you think–good? bad? indifferent?



I went up to Xavier University in July for Presentation Ministries week of instruction and worship. I was a little sceptical before I went after having had a bad experience in Ministry Formation classes here in Louisville.

I was very happy that I went and had one of the best religious experiences of my life. They were very much in line with the teachings of the Pope, very Marian and very eucharistic. Their booklet is a reflection of their teachings and the vision of Fr. Al Laurer(who is on EWTN radio 5:15-5:30 p.m. on 1040 in Louisville each day)a Franciscan priest who died a few years ago after founding Presentation Ministries. He will be put up for cannonization as soon as it is allowable.

I highly recommend the book.

Lindalou :clapping:


I have never subscribed to it, but occasionally someone leaves current copies in the Church narthex for people to take (I hope!). I have found it useful and would subscribe it there weren’t so many other things I want to subscribe to first.


Benedictine Sisters here receive a couple of hundred copies, and each oblate takes 10 to distribute in their parishes. It is a great evangelizing tool. I put mine in the Eucharist chapel, or give them to RCIA class. Just as our evangelical friends have a booklet like Daily Word or gospel booklets that they hand out when witnessing, these are wonderful for that purpose, and quickly dispel the notion that Catholics don’t read the bible. Evangelization is the main charism of Presentation Ministries. Have not attended their conferences, since when in Ohio I go to the Steubenville conferences, but have heard wonderful things about them. Did hear Fr. Lauer speak at a Charismatic conference in Cleveland a few years ago, he was terrific. Subscription price is nominal, donation basis, what you can afford to keep this ministry going.


You can subscribe at their website, and they email a daily devotional.


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