One bright shiney new Catholic!

Well I made it.

I don’t rember much about the service. Other than the elctricity and Father Art so charged up I keep expecting him to shoot of sparks.

Great survice. YEPPIE! Happy Catholic Ferret!


Probably the shiniest part of this new Catholic was my bald spot:D

how about your knees? waiting for the kilt pix
was it worth all the waiting?

There was an official photographer taking pictures all the while. I’ll try to post them when I get some.

Speaking of knees, I had to reassure my sponser that…yes…the hem of my kilt was one inch above the kneee when standing, and this was the traditional length before the Victorians got into the act. (And 3 inches above the knee for a hunting kilt.)

Congratulations, and God bless.

We were received and confirmed yesterday, too.

I remember crying a lot, and I am so, so happy today.

WELCOME!! Happy Easter. You have put on the Light of Christ! You’re a new creation!! YAAAAAAYYY!!

Congratulations to you and to all bright shiney new Catholics.

May the good Lord grant you a deep and abiding faith that remains with you all the days of your life.

Welcome home!
Congratulations and the service must have been wonderful.
God Bless your life,
Grace angel.

Welcome Home and Congratulations!!! We will keep you in our prayers!! Congratulations again and happy Easter!!



:blushing: Be still my beating heart!

That’s a whole lotta leg for this for this innocently-raised Catholic schoolgirl! :whistle:

Congrats everyone!

You crack me up LilyM!!! :rotfl:

Congrats to all the shiny new ones!! Welcome Home!! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Congrats & Welcome to all new Catholics! I am so very happy for you!!! May God Bless you and keep you, all the days of your life.

Congratulations one and all!

God Grant You Many Years!

May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

Congratulations! Welcome home!

As Catholics, we can always keep that light of Christ shining bright by going to confession and holy communion frequently. Now that is awesome!

God bless!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!

Congratulations to all! May God bless you w/ many graces…:clapping:

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