One cannot follow Jesus, love Jesus without the Church, Pope says on feast of St George

Dozens of cardinals living in Rome or visiting the Vatican joined the Pope in the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace for Mass today on the feast of St George, the martyr. The feast is the Pope’s name day; he was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

He told them: The great Paul VI said it is ‘an absurd dichotomy’ to want to live with Jesus without the church, to follow Jesus outside the church, to love Jesus without the church."

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Funny…when I had confirmation classes the Priest told us over and over again that people didn’t need the church in order to be Christians.

I love Jesus also, he died for his belief and to make the world a better place (in my opinion). I know he means much more to you.

Thanks, lizardley! That was great!

That Priest needs to go back to seminary.

Are you a Catholic:confused:

That is because “The Church is us the people” The Bride of Christ. We don’t need the building but we do need “The Church” Our Church got burned down and we had Mass said in the Building on the side. Same thing! God Bless!

No, I’m not, but I didn’t abuse Catholic school or anything as I did live a Catholic life for almost two years.

Am I then correct in understanding that you are of the Jewish faith,converted or at least considered conversion to the Cathloic faith and have now returned to your Jewish faith?

:hmmm: This homily will raise alot of smoke among non-catholic christians because the pope seems to clearly declare the Catholic church as the authentic identity every christian should have.

Good. Let him shout it from the mountaintops.

Lucky, you make me laugh. I do, however, agree with you. And I hope he shouts it as loud as he can.

And a different one than the one he originally went to.



Now if we can only get the mainstream media to cover his daily homilies because I find them to be the tougher/most controversial.

That’s what it sounds like. Imagine what might have happened if she was catechized properly. I wonder what else this priest taught her.

(continuing to :banghead:)

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