One Cell, One God

**One Cell, One God
Consider when Jesus was a single cell,
So mighty and yet so tiny and humble,
Master of the Universe, unseen by eye,
Coming to Earth, so that one day he might die.

Out of love, Jesus became fully human,
Conceived divinely to be born of woman,
To grow, to learn, to teach, to heal and to love,
To reconcile us all with Heaven above.

One living human cell, powerless, tiny,
Noticed by no one but wanted by many,
The Savior of the World concealed in the womb,
Coming to die for us and rise from the tomb.

Fully God, able to create with a thought,
Our wonderful Lord whose love is dearly sought,
Absolutely nothing that He cannot do,
He chooses to live and die for me and you.

One little human cell, insignificant,
One mighty immortal God, magnificent,
Fully God and man, united in Jesus
Who in pure love came to fully redeem us.

Copyright 2015 - Thomas A. Stobie, SFO. Permission to copy for personal use.

Just finished this poem. Enjoy. God bless.

Thanks for sharing! Very nice! :thumbsup: That makes a great Advent meditation.

I like the part that says that
there’s nothing that He cannot do,
yet He chose to live, love and die for
me and you!!


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