One child China

Are Catholic couples that are Chinese nationals living under the one child policy expected to NFP foreverafter having their one child?

If you mean does China expect a couple to use NFP after having a child, I don’t think China cares what they do; they just don’t want them to have another.

If you mean does the church expect a couple in China to use NFP after having a child, the church would probably advise it. Also, maybe the couple could get out of China?

China’s one child policy is not what some think. It cost an average of about 25 thousand dollars to have a second child. Only 30 to 40 percent of China’s people are even under the law because of ethnic exclusions from the policy. Hong Kong is not under the rule as a whole. Though populated areas of the mainland are. Rural areas do not enforce the policy as much as other areas and many times the wealthy or influential can either buy their way out of it or avoid it entirely. Actually, if you factor in the communist society it probably costs more to have a second child here in the US! Not to mention "Birth Tourism: where people can travel to give birth is common as well.

Then the anti Catholic government makes it hard for there to be many Catholics there. And those that are are underground for the most part.

But China’s population as a whole does not want more than 1 child for the most part.

I suppose if the US abolished a child tax credit that would be about the same as China’s one child policy.

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