One Consequence of Same-Sex Marriage

By the end of this month it’s likely to be legal for children in California to have three parents.
As of now, the state’s current law only allows two parents per child, which is both the historical standard and the common sense one.

So why aren’t two enough anymore?

One more reason NOT to live in California. I really feel sorry for the few sane people that still live there.

If a child can have three parents, why can’t they all be married?

The article is an op-ed written by Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family. He has an agenda to push: anti-same sex marriage.

I disagree with his claim that gay marriage is responsible for the proposed California law. What is responsible is in-vitro fertilization. The procedure sometimes involves a donor who is not part of the couple who will be raising the child. This is a situation which affects heterosexual couples. as well as homosexual couples. It has created problems in that the child often does not know the identity of the donor and his or her medical history, which may be important to know later in life.

BTW, here is a link to the article which is easier to read

Yes, please pray for us here in California, and know that there are Catholics here who decry this and other abominations such as same sex “marriage.” Those who call themselves Catholic Christians will have to make a choice- support the one true Church and its teachings in morality, or go elsewhere. There are plenty of heretic “churches” around where those who are misled by Satan to believe that these perversions of marriage, parenting and the family are acceptable can go, if they will not recant their wicked views, reject the lies and their source, and repent.

This is not a SSM issue, as Dale points out. These situations have been popping up ever since in-vitro began and long before SSM was legal anywhere.

Every day, hundreds if not thousands of children end up in the system because they have either no parents to care for them or parents whose care is monstrous. How about we stop “caring for the children” by bashing same-sex marriage online and start getting involved with social services at a local level to find a way to help.

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