One Day in an Elevator With Obama, Then Out of a Job


NY Times:

One Day in an Elevator With Obama, Then Out of a Job

ATLANTA — Kenneth Tate toiled for years as a construction worker and corrections officer, and he has no doubt that his last job — working as a $42,000-a-year private security guard at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — was the best he ever had.The high point was an afternoon seven weeks ago when he was assigned to accompany President Obama, who was visiting the agency’s headquarters here for a briefing on the Ebola epidemic. It was not only that Mr. Tate’s bosses had entrusted him with staying close to such an important dignitary. It was that, as an African-American born in Chicago, he was going to meet the nation’s first black president, a man he deeply admired.
But by the time Mr. Obama’s visit was over, Mr. Tate was on the way to losing his job.

. . . . .

But it took several weeks before the full consequences of the incident became clear. An investigation conducted shortly after Mr. Obama’s visit revealed that Mr. Tate was carrying a C.D.C.-issued firearm, a violation of Secret Service protocols — and a security lapse that the agency’s director at the time, Julia Pierson, never mentioned to the White House.
Then, on the same day that Ms. Pierson testified at a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill about how a fence jumper with a knife had gained entry to the White House, The Washington Examiner revealed that Mr. Obama had been on an elevator with a C.D.C. security guard who was carrying a gun in violation of Secret Service protocols.

Sounds to me like this guy got fired because the SS screwed up (again).




What about the little matter of his being a convicted felon? The SS protocol violation was their failure to do a background check on him, I believe.


The first reports were inaccurate. He was once arrested for robbery,
but he was never convicted. He is not a convicted felon.


SS screw up was part of it, probably, but it never ceases to amaze me, how for the sake of politics, so many make “victims” out the actions of others.


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