One decade of the Rosary??

[size=][FONT=“Century Gothic”]I am to be hostess of the next Rosary Club meeting at our church this month. The ladies are in dire need of instruction on how to pray the rosary (I think it has simply been a social club for many of them in the past). I am planning on typing up something for them to follow along with as I lead the Rosary. The group has traditionally prayed one decade of the rosary and dedicated it to “faith, hope, and charity”. The meeting will be on a Wednesday, and I am wondering if it will be permissible to pray one decade for the First Glorious Mystery (faith) and then pray the ending prayers? Or should we continue in the one decade for “faith, hope, and charity”? I personally would like to pray all five decades, but it doesn’t seem like the other ladies want to. Perhaps we could pray one decade together, but I could include the other mysteries on the paper and suggest that they may want to finish praying the Glorious mysteries on their own? I need suggestions!![/size]

What is the purpose of the Rosary Club?

Is it to make, or to discuss the history of, the Rosary? Fine. In those cases a decade may be enough.

But is it to pray the Rosary together? If so, I’d feel cheated getting ready and going out to a meeting just for one decade. Might as well just go YouTube for the whole thing.

And this from a guy who usually avoids doing the Rosary …


Well, I think the main purpose of the group in the past has been to earn money for a charitable project every Christmas; that is, we pick a family (or families) who need help and donate gift cards. We also buy blankets to donate to a local church-sponsored charity. I have only recently joined, but I was disappointed to see that many of the ladies don’t know how to pray the rosary (seems crazy, I know!). I would like to see the group evolve into a group that understands and PROMOTES the rosary to others in the Parish!

Here is a suggestion, if it sounds good to you:

Pray one decade of the Rosary…but make it the Scriptural Rosary. Here is a site, or you may have the book about the Scriptural Rosary and what Scripture lines to pray before each Hail Mary:

Many years ago I attended a Rosary Mother’s group in my parish (I have moved since then) and prior to our meetings we would say a Rosary. The majority of the women hurried through it as they wanted to get the meeting started, and to talk to their friends. There were only about two women who said the Rosary prayerfully.

This says to me that we can learn how to pray better and give our full attention to what we are praying! Otherwise, prayer will not do for us what it is supposed to do.

For a start it is better to say one decade slowly and prayerfully (the Scriptural Rosary), then all five decades in a hurry.

I have a Scriptural Rosary group at my home every Monday afternoon, along with other prayers, and it has been going on for 12 years now. We say the five decades of a Scriptural Rosary appropriate to the Mystery, and we have other prayers equal to one hour altogether. Then we have coffee and discussion. It is awesome to see how Our Blessed Mother leads us into conversations that we need to have. The spirituality in all of us has been enhanced by this, and there is a spin-off, even larger, group that does the same thing!

So, even if some may show impatience with the prayer, stay with it and that will change. :slight_smile:

I would talk with the other members and encourage the group to pray the whole thing. It can be done in 15-20 minutes, depending on how fast the leader(s) pray and whether you read a bit of scripture for each mystery or not.

The Marians of the Immaculate Conception have some very nice pamphlets on the rosary (and the chaplet of Divine Mercy) and they’re not expensive. You can also use this great online guide at EWTN if there isn’t a budget for pamphlets.

The rosary is such a blessing and if you can share it with members of this group that would be great! :slight_smile:

There is certainly nothing wrong with praying just part of the rosary. Praying the entire thing is ideal, but…

I believe a decade said reverently is better than five said hastely. Maybe just gradually grow into it over time. Besides being a vocal prayer, the mystery of each decade is an act of faith, a prayer of belief. Here are some sites that may help.

History of the Rosary

You can try Methods of saying the Rosary by St. Louis de Montfort

Scriptural rosary

How to say and pray the rosary

Thoughts for each decade of the rosary

I recently wrote a piece on how to pray the Rosary that might help: The Holy Rosary

here is a site which gives information and instruction on praying the rosary, it goes into very great detail and i think you will find it most useful. -
there is also more info and tips in the side boxes,
i think this would be good to print off and share with your “rosary” group, they need to know, when trying to do something good, we need Gods help first and foremost, and for that we must pray.
if things don’t seem to be changing or getting better at all, then i would suggest saying a rosary each day for the intention of this rosary group actually saying the rosary…and the full rosary is actually all three mysteries(joyful, sorrowful, and glorious) it is the “Psalter of Mary” because of its one hundred fifty Hail Marys corresponding to the number of the Psalms.
of course 5 decades is fine as well, but if it’s possible to help these ladies understand the importance of prayer then that’s enough, prayer is necessary for salvation, and for helping others, we can’t do good or help others on our own, we need God, and we need His blessing in everything we do, so that what help we give others will be most fruitful, and will, by the grace of God, merit us great rewards in heaven.

another suggestion, purchase a copy of this for each of the ladies in your group - (only $2.50 each when you buy 5 or more)

hope this helps, take care.

Oh, I see the Rosary is a “just what we call it” group, essentially. I also hope you can see the group evolve into promoting its name’s sake. I think the other posters have some really good suggestions about a scriptural rosary, etc. so I’ll leave you with them for now.


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