ONE eggleader!

Hi all
I just had an operation the other day. The goal was to improve my fertility and if possible restore the capacity of my left eggleader that had an ectopic pregnancy last year. Unfotunately the doctor could not restore it. He told me that I have one functioning eggleader now, and that even though nothing is wrong with the remaining eggleader there is still an increased risk that an ectopic pregnancy could occur there as well. Now I really don’t know how to feel:shrug: . I have a great wish to have children and to be open to life. So I hope some of you guys will tell me some good true stories of women like me , who just have one eggleader, but who still became mothers.


I am very sorry for your fertility problems! My own sister had a tumor on one of her ovaries and tubes. When she was pregnant with her first child, the tumor grew out of control. At 5 months pregnant they had to operate and remove her ovary and tube along with a cantaloupe sized tumor that weighed over a pound. She was left with one ovary and one tube and the doctor told her that she would have trouble with her fertility because of problems on that side too. It didn’t seem so bad until after her child was born and he had problems. He was misdiagnosed and almost died at 6 weeks old. Then finally he went into a children’s hospital for about a month before they finally figured out his problem. All this time my sister worried that this could possibly be her only child and she was going to lose him. Well, he survived just fine despite a few surgeries and some genetic problems. Four years later he was joined by a little sister…

I know it isn’t the same as an ectopic pregnancy but I had always heard that the chances were higher only if they saved the tube and it would occur on the same side again.

My prayers are with you…

Annibc, I’ll keep you in my prayers and Masses. It’s amazing how often pessimistic medical prognoses are proved wrong! I’ve witnessed this fact in the lives of four family members. All the best, Trishie.

What do you mean by “eggleader”? Fallopian tube?

If this is what you mean, I had an ectopic pregnancy in November 1968 and the fallopian tube was removed. In March 1970 I had my eldest son and another son in January 1973.

After the ectopic pregnancy I would get a small ping of pain whenever I ovulated from my left ovary. One month I felt that ping of pain and then I missed my period. That ovum was determined to go where it was supposed to go and travelled to find the other fallopian tube!

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