One-Eyed Pug Gets Rescued From Bad Home, Becomes Chicago Hotel Concierge


I adore pugs and pug stories. Thank you for sharing this!

I kinda find them ugly but expect if I had one, it would soon be my adorable BFF :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:.

My old colleague had pugs, I used to warn her not to pat them on the head too hard. :smiling_imp:

“One Eyed Pug” would be an excellent band name!


One of my kind-of-former coworkers (let’s call him L) is obsessed with pugs. One time we were walking to a nearby bar to get drinks, and someone walking their pug passed by us. The pug looked L in the eye, and it was almost like a religious experience for L. He kept going on about it “looked me in the eyes!”, and when we passed by the place on the way back, he started excitedly yelling, “This was where it happened!”

I had known about his pug obsession before then. I didn’t realize how deep it was, though.

Edit: Oh yeah, one time we got lunch at a nearby restaurant. When a pug came on the TV during a commercial, he started yelling out for the whole restaurant to hear, “Yeah!!! Pugdog!!!” I don’t know how much he had to drink, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that much.


My father had a pug named Punjab when he was a little boy in the early 1930s. He named it out of the Little Orphan Annie comic strip of course. As a kid I thought pugs were kind of ugly, but as an adult I grew to love their facial expressions.


A short video of a happy rescue pooch, you’ll like it :wink:

If you’re happy and you know it

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