"One Flesh Union"

What a strange definition of unique. Unique means one-of-a-kind, not, somewhere less than 1,000 of a kind.

Saint Joseph and Saint Mary did not participate in the “marital embrace.” Neither did Saint Cecilia and Valerian. That is two couples, and two is more than one, ergo their arrangement was not unique. QED. Demanding at least 1000 is totally absurd. If I could find 1000, would you really want me to list them all here? I am fairly confident that the arrangement was participated in by others besides the Holy Family and Saint Cecilia and Valerian. Feel free to verify my confident assertion with your own research, if you’re interested. My point does not rely on it.

Please don’t take offense at what I am about to say. You seem, based only on your words in this thread, to be very enthusiastic about sex, possibly, I submit, to a point of inordinate attachment. Your incredulity at the idea that Gary could find a marriage fulfilling without it, or that anyone could, and that anyone who claims to is not to be believed, seems less than charitable. It is usually more charitable to accept as true, a person’s self-report. Gary told you more than once that his experience was different from yours, and you basically dismissed him.

You said, “those who are celibate in the Church do so in anticipation of the One Flesh Union with God they will receive,” and I asked you, if you are a Catholic, why that is missing from you now? The One Flesh Union with God is a fancy way of saying Holy Communion. In Holy Communion, God unites His Flesh to ours. Priests, brothers, and nuns, don’t have any radically different experience of Holy Communion that would substitute for the “marital embrace.” Rather, they live lives of sacrifice, in union with Our Lord’s Sacrifice of His Cross. They deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

My point is that it is Holy Communion that is the primary experience of Love. The one experience that ought to be the deepest connection of Love for a married couple, then, is attending Mass together and receiving Holy Communion. That is a unity deeper than the “marital embrace,” because it is union with the Body and Blood of God. God ought to come first, even for those who are married.

One flesh union in marriage is transitory at best. For some, their minds are fantasizing about another while embracing their spouse… so an unperfect love.

All human love is intended to point us towards the ultimate love, agape love of God for man/woman… which is perfect love.

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