One for the Angels

This is the title of a twilight episode. But I am trying to find a show that was very similar to this one. Death had come to take the life of a little girl. The street salesman did a pitch for death which took him past the hour of the girl’s death. As a result, the little girl lived.

What made this episode so interesting is the camera only showed the salesman for the whole episode. Does this ring a bell for anyone

I think it’s the same episode, isn’t it? First it was the salesman who was supposed to die, but he distracted Death, and Death said a little girl would die in his place. He went into his pitch, and kept Death occupied past time for the girl to die.
Wasn’t Ed Wynne the salesman? Or am I thinking of another episode?
I loved that show!

I know that episode and have watched it several times. I was an amazing performance and the camera never left the head and shoulder framing of the sales person. There was no other person in this episode. Just the pitchman. It was in black and white. I am starting to think it was the Mandela effect.

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I’m lost here.
I watched all of the twilight movies. Can you explain more ?

It’s the second-ever episode of “The Twilight Zone”, from the 1950s. Starring Ed Wynn as the salesman.

Has nothing to do with the more recent “Twilight” movies about that dorky girl and her vampire boyfriend.


Thank you tis Bear _self…

Every time I see “one for the angels” I think of this “lost” episode.

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I am starting to think this is what happened to me.

I may have lived for 30 mins in another universe. One very similar to this one

The Mandela Effect. :grinning:

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