One God?

I don’t want this to come out the wrong way so I’m going to be careful in how I present it. I believe our God is the God of Abraham and Moses and that he is the 1st Person of the Holy Trinity (the Father). I’ve been thinking however,after reading certain things and looking carefully at scriptural passages, if our God is the God of the Earth with other supernatural beings (gods) out there who’ve made other life forms and different planets/solar systems. Wouldn’t that be how aliens were made, because if there are aliens then why would God the Son (Jesus) be both Divine and Man? I know it sounds wierd and is against Church teachings but I’m looking for a clear answer that will strengthen my faith back to believing there has always been ONE God. We are living in shaky times for our faith and everyday of my life is a spiritual battle. Thank you and God Bless!

if our God is the God of the Earth with other supernatural beings (gods) out there who’ve made other life forms and different planets/solar systems. Wouldn’t that be how aliens were made, because if there are aliens then why would God the Son (Jesus) be both Divine and Man?

There is only one God. That is the clear and simple answer.

There are not multiple gods ruling over different solar systems. That is a teaching of the LDS (Mormons) and their beliefs come from a man, not from the one true God.

IF there are aliens out there, why do you think they have anything to do with the makeup of Jesus?

after reading certain things and looking carefully at scriptural passages,

There is nothing in scripture that should make you think there are multiple gods. Whatever “certain things” you have been reading are misleading you. Best to stop reading them if you cannot distinguish between truth and fiction.

Monarchianism is a heresy and both polytheism and heotheism are incompatible with monotheism.

A wonderful book to help you with this is Frank Sheed’s Theology for Beginners.

It is impossible for a Catholic to believe as you suggest. Our Creed very clearly states belief in ONE God, not multiple Gods, and that the one God created ‘all that is (exists), seen and unseen’. Meaning all of creation entire.

Why did Jesus become man and not alien? For the same reasons He didn’t become any other creature on earth or elsewhere - for example a plant or animal.

Firstly because, we being created in His image and likeness, we have a unique and privileged relationship with Him among all His creatures. Secondly, and more importantly, to save mankind from its sins.

Assuming there are aliens, they would be like earthly animals or plants, distinguishable from human beings in that they are NOT created in God’s image and likeness (how could they be? Humans alone are recorded as being privileged in that way).

And further distinguishable by being incapable of sin as animals and plants are incapable of it, and thus not in need of redemption from sin as we are in need of it.

Thanks for that. It boosted my faith up a bit and realize how GREAT our God truely is. The media puts all these ideas out there and they can really make us turn on our faith. It is a terrible thing. We need prayer more than ever right now. Again, I’d like to thank you for your message.

I don’t believe it is de fide that God did not create other sentient beings. The fact that something is not mentioned in Scripture or Tradition does not mean it doesn’t exist or is necessarily false - only that it is not necessary for us to know.

Obviously if someone knows of dogmatic teaching on this question, I’ll be happy to read it and conform to it.

This is clearly true and de fide. There is only one God. It is entirely possible that the ‘gods’ worshipped by pagans on earth were/are lessor spiritual beings - creatures/demons. If there are sentient beings in other parts of the cosmos, they might or might not know the One God - but there are no other gods.

**Your logic is irrational and totally flawed.

If there are aliens, then God made them and they serve His Purpose.

Just because we don’t understand ‘everything’, it doesn’t mean that ‘everything’ isn’t True!

My dog Bailey cannot rationalize God, so does that mean God doesn’t exist??? NO!!!**

Come on man, get with it.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I never said God didn’t create other sentitent beings. Animals are sentient beings, on my understanding of the term, though to a lesser degree than ourselves. Chimps, for example, can learn and effectively use human sign language, at least to an extent. Does that not indicate sentience?

So there’s no doubt in my mind that God DID create other sentient beings.

None of which is in the least relevant to what I’ve said.

We are the only ones created IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. God being One only has one image and likeness, of course, so there can only be one subset of creation that is in that image and likeness. Otherwise God is not one but many. If it’s humans it cannot be any other species, on earth or elsewhere.

So that automatically puts us in a unique relationship to God, one that no chimp, carrot, alien or other created thing possesses.

Your dog Bailey, could and most likely considers you to be God.

You just are not getting it are you?

Your basis to believe only humans are created in God’s likeness and image is based on scripture, that only tells you what you need to know for salvation- not everything God has or will do, or all details of his plan.
In other words, there could be aliens in this plan, and you have no way of knowing if they are also created in God’s likeness and image.
The catholic church is smart enough to not rule anything out like you do.

Oops, I should’ve never posted this thread. I didn’t mean to start arguments.

My conclusion now is just to focus on living the life Christ wants us to live and getting to heaven. Once there, we can ask God but whether or not there are aliens has no bearing on how we are to live.

No, he considers everyone he meets as potentially being God! He sees Jesus in everyone, just as we all should!

(i love strawberry jam!)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


God is spirit, and as such he doesn’t have a body (Lk 24:39: “A spirit does not have flesh and bone.”). When the Bible speaks of our being made in his image, then, it doesn’t mean we’re like him physically. It means that, like God, we possess a spiritual aspect to our being. Like God, we can truly know, will, and love.

He could certainly have made other worlds and other forms of life. God is like the 800lb gorilla, He can do anything He wants.

Aquinas said that God could become incarnate into more than one instance of human nature …

Thomas Aquinas said (Summa Theologica, p.III, q.3, a.1):

What has power for one thing, and no more, has a power limited to one. Now the power of a Divine Person is infinite, nor can it be limited by any created thing. Hence it may not be said that a Divine Person so assumed one human nature as to be unable to assume another. For it would seem to follow from this that the Personality of the Divine Nature was so comprehended by one human nature as to be unable to assume another to its Personality; and this is impossible, for the Uncreated cannot be comprehended by any creature. Hence it is plain that, whether we consider the Divine Person in regard to His power, which is the principle of the union, or in regard to His Personality, which is the term of the union, it has to be said that the Divine Person, over and beyond the human nature which He has assumed, can assume another distinct human nature.

So, God could be incarnate as Jesus Christ … and … as some other human being with even a different name.

Thus, it is reasonable to say that God can become incarnate as an alien too. There’s nothing stopping Him. Omnipotence is kind of like that.

Could you quote some Scripture passages on that?

Sentience nowadays means “rational” … whereas it used to mean “having sense” but some ignorant sci-fi writers changed it. Animals are thus sentient but not rational. The question is, are aliens, if they exist, rational? Indeed, Scripture and Tradition seem silent on this issue, but some Christians say they condemn the idea (but never have they shown where). I haven’t really checked for sure, but I heard Origen and Augustine said people “on other stars” may exist, but, once again, I haven’t confirmed this.

This reasoning is not very well-thought out. I may be wrong, but the image (and maybe also the likeness?) refers to being rational, because God is rational, and the other creatures do not share this. Aliens, if they exist, may be rational and thus would also share in the image (and likeness?) of God. They may now have two eyes, but certainly God doesn’t have two eyes either in his divine nature, so obviously that is not what “image and likeness” is referring to.

Amen. Well put.

And He could, by your logic, create a rock that is too heavy for Him to lift, as philosophers are fond of pointing out. However, He is supremely logical among all His other attributes. He will not offend the dictates of logic by dong something so utterly pointless as creating a rock that is too heavy for Him to lift.

And no-one seems to get that a being that is ONE, as God is ONE, has only ONE image and likeness, with all that entails. It is equally illogical for a being who is ONE to have more than one type of image and likeness as it is for Him to create a rock that He cannot lift.

Scripture is clear - this is not some loose kinda ‘all spiritual/sentient beings are in God’s image’ kinda notion either. Angels not only possess a spiritual aspect to their being, they are in fact all spirit. They too are like God in that respect, however they are not described as being made in His image and likeness.

The reason for this is obvious - because in the person of Jesus God’s image and likeness is BOTH fleshly (human form and nature, deliberately chosen - two eyes and all) AND spiritual, and humans are the only beings who combine the two likenesses. Unlike Zeus and Jupiter, our God is not recorded as regularly making appearances in the form of other creatures - bulls, swans or the like.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Strawberry Jam, but scripture, and divine revelation in general, goes well beyond the bare bones of what is necessary for our salvation.

In fact it is not necessary for our salvation in the slightest for us to know that WE are made in His image and likeness. Lots of pagans were happy to worship Gods that were forces of nature. Clearly the lack of belief that they were made in the image and likeness of their gods was no hindrance to their worship. Nor would it be to ours to not be told that we were made in His image and likeness.

And scripture goes well beyond bare bones in many other ways. For example, it is not necessary for our salvation to know that God created the world - or us! The ancient Greeks were quite content to worship and serve their pantheons without believing that each of their gods played a part in creation.

It is not, per Church teaching, strictly necessary for salvation to even know the name of Jesus Christ, or about many of His teachings - provided that such ignorance does not arise through our own fault or negligence, but it is truly ‘invincible’.

It is not necessary for us to know that there will be a Second Coming - the knowledge that we will come face to face with God when we die, and will be judged by Him at that point, is more than sufficient.

Point being, while scripture isn’t complete, it certainly is a great deal more than the bare minimum as well, and the particular stipulation about image and likeness is one of those areas in which it exceeds. It is part of the revelation of all truth which we have ultimately been promised.

And as for what Augustine said about people on other stars - well, people on other stars are still people after all, still of the species homo sapiens. It doesn’t speak to other species at all.

You are kidding, right?

This would be why I said “if someone can show me dogmatic teaching” Because if we’re just going to beat each other over the head with our personal interpretations, we might as well be Baptists (she said, with all due respect to the beloved Baptists who raised her to know the Lord Jesus . . .)

If there isn’t dogmatic teaching, then can we just have the grace to admit “we don’t/can’t know the answer”?

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