One hot older babe; twenty younger guys!

The Cougar
This is a new show that is going to air in April; about twenty younger men going after this older woman.


When I first seen the commercial I started laughing and this popped in my head:

I bet you anything this was thought up by a woman. As a guy let me set the record straight most men don’t care about a woman’s age if she looks good and single we will ask her out it’s that simple.

If she was 4 feet, 500 pounds, or 80 pounds, looked like my dog and no money there will not be twenty guys going after her.

Sorry but that’s the way God created man.

I’ve seen the previews and think it is a disgustingly immoral and probably stupid show. But I don’t see how you can think it was thought up by a woman when your comment basically says that guys are like the guys are on this show. Also, I don’t think that is the way God made man at all.

Just my feelings!

I understand what you’re saying but I really think a woman or a homosexual man was the creator. I do agree with you that it’s a horrible show I won’t watch it for that reason and I think it’s stupid.

The reason I say that if you look at a lot of older Hollywood or just rich men and they have a wife that is 20 to 30 years younger and these women say I like older men because of their minds or that they’re more mature than the younger guys. Yet if these older men didn’t have a lot of money these women wouldn’t have anything to do with them. Yes some women are shallow.

The majority men don’t care if the woman has any money if she looks good they will go out with her. Yes men are shallow too.

Like that show Sex in the City was really about homosexual men dating in New York City! The creators knew the American people wouldn’t go for it; so they put women in it.

Sorry for not posting earlier but I usually don’t hang out on this forum.

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