One hour fast

Hello everyone,
Just wondering if there is anyone here that didn’t know about the one hour fast before Holy Communion (especially cradle Catholics)?
Thanks for any replies!

Probably better posted in Liturgy and Sacraments, but for the most part, my guess is that most everyone on the CAF has read a post or two about it and is aware of it.

I probably should have posted in Liturgy and Sacraments. I was just wondering because I didn’t know about it and was wondering if someone had the same experience (before reading about it online).

I knew about it, but for many years I had thought it was 1 hour before mass, not before communion. I don’t remember for sure how many years ago I figured out that I had it wrong. There always seems to be something new to find out! :slight_smile:

We Byzantines observe the Eucharistic fast from midnight. Just like you RCs did before VAtican II

Do you ever have a liturgy that you fast for on a Saturday evening? I often keep a midnight fast if I go on Sunday. For Sunday, it happens rather naturally. Saturday would be harder.

Evening liturgies are rare in traditional Byzantine worship. We would still observe the midnight fast if we plan on receiving the Eucharist though.

I guess it’s better to have that wrong than to not know about it at all. :slight_smile: I saw people observe it but thought it was a tradition but not required. These people were in a different country so maybe that helped with that assumption. I just don’t know how I could not have known about it.

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