One in 30 US children are homeless as rates rise in 31 states, report finds


The National Center on Family Homelessness released a report today that finds that nearly 2.5 million children experienced homelessness in the US in 2013. This is an 8% increase from 2012.

The original report can be found here.


A good part of this publication is about a dispute between this agency and HUD as to what the proper definition of “homelessness” ought to be. If you look at the definition prefered, it would include a lot of people who are not really homeless in the sense most of us think of it. Nor does it take into consideration that some “homelessness” situations are transitional.

So, for example, one definition of “homeless” is a person whose landlord will not allow them to stay for more than 14 days. In my state, the notice period is 30 days, minimum. But let’s say someone is leaving a rental and moving to another rental or to a home. That person might have only 13 days remaining on the lease he’s leaving, but that doesn’t mean he’s out on the street scavenging for bread crusts.

I am aware of some very, very nice duplex apartments that are typically rented by people who are either uncertain whether they’re going to stay with a new job, or who are in the process of building a house. They would fit this description if they had given the landlord notice.

Of course, this agency is a conduit for funds, so …


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