One in four Americans 'do not know the Earth circles the Sun'




That is amazing! I have those same bushes in my yard! :eek:


Now if you lived in some places in Alaska, the sun wouldn’t go underneath the dirt in June and July. It would truly circle all the bushes, ponds, and everything else you have.

OTOH, in the winter, you’d see very little sun, if at all.




Judging from the titles of the threads we see every day I’m surprised it isn’t much higher.



The general populace Make me look intelligent… :eek:


Science is not exactly the general American populace’s strong point…

Then again neither is religion, or they would be Catholic. Or at least Lutheranism.


That’s not the same as denying that the earth revolves around the sun since the age of the earth isn’t something that can be observed by us as it is happening.


After years of watching “Jay Walking” on the Leno show, nothing in the way of public ignorance surprises me anymore. I wonder if that segment will now be gone for good.

As for the earth circling the sun, there is actually a small contingent of Catholics who firmly hold to geocentrism, believing that the earth stands still and the universe revolves around it, including the Sun.


Wait a second… You mean that everything doesn’t revolve around me? :smiley:


I believe that Robert Sugenis is one of the champions of that movement.


Not to worry. These are the same 25% who believe that the Apollo missions to the Moon were fake and believe that a “rouge” planet is on a collision course for Earth :smiley:

God Bless!


Since science teaches that things in space are or can be relative, can someone explain why both ways of looking at it can’t be true?


The sample size must put this piece of yank bashing in perspective. Given the weather lately I am surprised that a lot of Americans haven’t lost their faith in the sun’s existence!!
I loved the post re the teenagers.
In ordinary living, like the bloke on the veranda rocking chair we take a lot more on faith from scientists than our priests, sometimes.


Follow the link to the survey, page 23 gives international comparisons.
On the question Earth revolving about the Sun or vice versa 66% of EU citizens answered correctly, i.e., one in three “do not know the earth circles the Sun”.

The results for other questions are interesting.


Nothing to explain really. If you live in Alaska or anywhere north of there, you can clearly see the sun circling around you in June and July. As I said, I wouldn’t sweat the 1/4. I don’t think the teens are the problem, either. :slight_smile:


Because the Earth revolves around the Sun.




I thought it circled me!


Actually lwu does have a point. The “revolution” doesn’t have to be a perfect circle. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a “revolution” at all. It could involve two planets, two galaxies, two human beings, or a “fictional” center of mass between them and other “fictional” centers. (The latter leads into the theory behind ocean tides, btw.)

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