One Liners


This thread is a repository for all those one-liners that we either came up with - or thought about about 2 hours too late!!

Just to get the ball rolling - here’e one I regretfully thought of after the Fact:

Challenge: The Mass is out of Date

Riposte: Yes - the Mass is out of Date - it’s 2000 Years out of Date!


Challenge. Facts are facts - but beyond that everything is just a matter of opinion

Riposte: Is that your opinion?


Challenge: Religion is the cause of all wars

Riposte: Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin - were these religious people?


Challenge: If you were born in the Middle East the chances are you’d be a Muslim, not a Christian

Riposte: There may be some truth in that - but we have been mandated to “Go out and make disciples of all Nations” - so if there are areas in the world where the Gospel is not heard it is not God who should be rebuked - it is ourselves.


Challenge: You don’t go to Church do you?

Riposte: Doesn’t everybody?


Challenge: Have you accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

Reposte: Have you accepted Mary as your personal mother?

Challenge: Mary had a bunch of kids, not just Jesus!

Reposte: I know - Rev 12:17 says that every christian is her child.


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