One man fathering a whole batch of kids



He’s never been able to hold a job. He really does have some psychological problems. He’ll get started on the right foot with a job, someone giving him a hand up, and then implode in a self-sabotaged way.


The problem is not fathering a whole bunch of kids, it is the grave sin of Fornication, or Adultry if he’s married.
The number of children is not a factor.


No, never married.

What I’m saying is there are now 11 (12?) little boys and girls living in poverty, with no father present and unlikely ever to be present, with dysfunctional mothers, (not all the moms are in a bad way, but most of them are)…and this is just **one **guy.

And there’s nothing stopping him from baby 13, 14, 15,…




And? Tell him he’s commiting grave sins?

The guy has a crucifix tattooed across his chest, and he’s the one on the cross. He’s basically given up on any kind of redemption. In his unhealthy mind, he’s done for.

There’s never been any religion in the family. His sister is Lutheran because she tagged along to church with neighbors when she was a child.


Someone should tell him about Christ’s love for him. He may have missed that part.
Of course, we can pray for him. No one is beyond redemption-- Christ is working in his life now to bring him to heaven.
It’s sad that the children live in poverty, and have no father in their lives. But their existence is not sad – God cares about each one of them.

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