One milliion expected to discuss that the nuclear family is the answer to global crisis

VATICAN CITY (Zenit) - This week’s 6th World Meeting of Families is a platform to present the nuclear family as a solution for the global crisis, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said today before leaving for Mexico.

The Pope’s secretary of state will attend the Wednesday-Sunday event as Benedict XVI’s representative. The World Meetings of Families were begun by Pope John Paul II and are held every three years (click on link for the entire story)

One million are expected to attend this event. And it’s not a day too soon in my opinion. The world needs to recognize this because our cultures do not support families in any way shape or form. Our bishop from Chicago, Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller will represent us from our city. I wish I could be there myself. Please pray for the success of this great meeting.

And the nuclear family is the solution to the ambiguous ‘global crisis’ how?

BUY YOUR TICKET NOW, and hear all about it. It’s going to be announced there.

I really wish that this convocation would come to the United States some time. It appears that it tends to get sent to areas of the world where the family is already strong. That’s great. But we need the message and experience to strengthen families where they are threatened and require greater upbuilding within a culture, also.

I don’t get it.


What makes the nuclear family the solution as opposed to extended families living together, or any number of family living arrangements?

I think that the idea, generally, is what the Church has always taught in that the family is the basis of human society. So strengthening the human family is, therefore, the key and basis for everything else.

Too bad the US and Canada doesn’t get these sorts of things very often. But then again Catholic families are in such small numbers in their overall populations.

I wonder whether our bishops have even thought about hosting one. It could provide the incentive for renewal of family life which World Youth Day has among the young.

On the Feast of the Holy Family, our priest gave a homily about families. He said that after WWII, there were two things that destroyed the nuclear family - divorce, and mobility. On the 2nd one, he said that he has some family members in other states, and even one half way around the world. Divorce then splits what’s left of the core family unit.

Mobility and prosperity both have also given people the “promise” of having their own house, living where-ever they want. (After all, phones, the Internet, transportation network, etc., connect everyone readily) So, families are split over dozens, hundreds, and if not thousands of miles. Instead of being together everyday, family members might only see each other (or most of each other) a few times a year - save for birthdays if it’s a smaller family.

I guess the idea is that, when everyone is split, cultural ideals and moral values (or lack of them) tend to “melt together” more easily (no accountability). With the nuclear family (grandparents, their kids, and grandkids), they share in family values together. Also, when families are split, it’s harder to help each other in time of need; For example, helping an elderly parent.

I just have to nitpick-what you described as a nuclear family is not, in fact, a nuclear family. Its a small extended family. A nuclear family is nothing but the parents and the kids, living as a self-sufficient unit. Grandparents don’t come into play.

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