One million STDs diagnosed every day, World Health Organization says

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In this day and age, why on Earth are people not practicing safe sex, if they can’t get behind chastity, nowadays???


I’m surprised that Herpes is not on the list.

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I wonder why AIDS isn’t on that list. Or perhaps AIDS isn’t considered a STD now for political reasons.


It may be because of that medicine called truvada, which is a prophylaxis for HIV? I have a few friends that take it, which pretty much eliminates the chance of catching it

HIV among Gay and Bisexual Men. From the CDC.

Condoms are not that great at preventing pregnancy, why would they be that great at preventing std’s? The handle ‘safe sex’ is misleading.

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True, but if people are going to have sex, some sort of safety barrier would be better than nothing

Look up the failure rate of all of the most used contraceptive devices and pills.

I wonder what the statistics are on psychiatric distress related to being used and discarded by a partner.

But hey, yay sexual revolution whoot!


Chlamydia up 98% since 2000

Syphilis 4 times higher

Gonorrhoea up 48%

And the Abortion/LGBTQ cheer squad mocks a Church which promotes monogamy. :roll_eyes:


With the diminished spectre of AIDS safety is a lower concern.
In fairness, there are specific steps involved in storing and using a barrier method that can make or break the effectiveness too.

That’s all from tech and mobility.

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What about HPV? It’s the most common STD. Most people acquire the virus at some point (!) and since 2014 about 10% of women are currently infected with it.


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