One Mind or Two?

QWe’ve talked about the difference between the mind and the brain, but what about conjoined twins whi share a brain?


Let me try this thing again

Pages 7-9 address the most important and amazing part of their story. Just when I was starting to think that the brain and mind are separate, I read this. It sure seems as if they share thoughts, emotions and even thirst. One twin was thirsty, the other twin hands her a sippy cup.

Brain is the utility of consciousness.

Thirst is a body function.

The human brain is first and foremost a body-command mechanism.

The mind is piggybacked onto that; we have a mind because we are large-headed enough to maintain one.

So if the two bodies are wired together that deeply, it makes sense that both would feel it.


Since the body chemistry is shared, why would one feel thirsty and the other not?


From the description in the article, it sounds like the neural information about the state is shared, not the body’s chemistry itself.


Right. So if they share thoughts, which it sounds like they might, how can they be of two minds rather than one?

It would seem to me that they share the same mind, but they are two people who share one brain. Thoughts?

If there are two people, there must be two minds.

There is no reason why two minds could not be interconnected if they live in the same head.


So you’re saying that since they share some of the same brain (and in testing one twins brain, the other twins brain lights up), they have two minds but they’re interconnected?

In essence, yeah.

If there are at all two people, there must be two lines of consciousness, IE, two minds. Otherwise there would be one person with a partially duplicated body.

But with the neurology melded together, it would make sense that one mind would intimately touch the other.


What about the Hensel twins who have one body but two heads?

That means that there could be a tension between their action.

There are two heads, so the neurology is not unified, except below the necks. There would be two separate minds.

IMS, each head commands only its hemibody (ie, the limbs on its side). The body can function as one only by the cooperation of both heads ie, minds.


It seems to me that it’s possible for either, these twins or others to share a mind.

I tried for the last half hour to copy a link and can’t, but look at psychology today, mindmelding and click on “conjoined twins”

What does that mean?

When one twins foot was tickled, the other twin laughed. Sounds like one mind to me.

Or just a wired-together nervous system.



What do you say about mindmelding and that the doctor says it’s possible. If it is possible, and it sounds very plausible, what does that say about two souls?

I’m just not finding much about this online. Mostly Yahoo Q&A. Anyone want to tackle the question about mind melding of two conjoined at the brain twins?

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