One more day...


Well, one more day until I am a “Mrs.” I can’t believe I am going to be somebody’s wife. I feel so old! :o Forgive me for being too forward, but I am really looking forward to our wedding night and the honeymoon more than anything else! :smiley: (Kind of nervous about it, too.) Just little details left now. I pick up my dress tomorrow morning from the seamstress…hope it’s okay. I don’t really have much to say, just be thinking about us this Saturday and please pray for us. :slight_smile:


Prayers for many graces, may you have peace in these next hours.


Prayers for a wonderful day, May God always be present in your married lives!:slight_smile:


Congratulations, hope everything goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible for you. Don’t forget to stop and soak it all in!

And don’t be upset by this, but an awful lot of the married couples I know have been so exhausted that the wedding night was actually spent sleeping, and the ‘wedding night’ is left to a later point.


yay, congratulations! :smiley: Hope it all goes smoothly, but most of all, have fun even if it doesn’t!


You all are in my prayers!! Congratulations!! Nothing wrong with being nervous over the wedding night. (Play some Gregorian chant it REALLY helps to calm the nerves…:slight_smile:

I am so excited for you!!


Congrats! Have a wonderful honeymoon!! —KCT


Wow, that went quick! I’m sure I saw months on your ticker, not days! Anyway, hope it all goes well with no hiccups.


Stratus Rose… Dear I will be praying for an absolutely wonderful day for you and your new Mr. It is ok to be nervous and excited about the wedding night… I know I was! I liked the Gregorian Chant suggestion… Don’t forget to post pictures when you come back. May God bless your marriage and give you all the graces to be a wonderful and holy wife.

I am really excited for you!!!


I know exactly how excited and overwhelmed you must be. Everything will be fine. Just relax, have fun, and don’t worry about a thing.

Also, please know I’m not outrageously far away if something catastrophic or embarrassing goes wrong… like the florist doesn’t show up or something, as happened to someone I know. A lot better to send someone who won’t mind missing the ceremony or whatever than to have someone special miss something important.


You will be in my prayers :D! I remember how I felt with only one day left :)…oh it seems like yesterday, yet forever ago…


You will be fine. God keep you both.


Dear Stratus Rose,

Don’t know what time your wedding is, but in Australia it is nearly 2pm of Friday 5 May. Maybe you are married already? If you are i will be sneaky and the first to congratulate you on your big day.

Congratulations! :smiley: May God bless you, your husband and your marriage abundantly - all the days of your lives, and may all your desires come to fruition.

Have a great night!:wink:


It’s still May 3 here in the States!


Oh my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS!
I would need pills to get myself to sleep I’d be soooo excited.

Have a blessed, awesome day, and a honeymoon that lasts a lifetime!


Woo Hoo! God Bless you both and enjoy your Honeymoon!:wink:


OOPS! :doh2: I made a mistake, sorry it is 4 May here, i thought my friend’s daughter’s birthday was today and her birthday is the 5th… Sorry it’s tomorrow…:blush:


I’m in Australia too and I’m pretty sure we are about 10 and a half hours in front. But I could be wrong!


I believe we are 15 hours in front, and when we are in daylight savings mode it becomes 16 hours. Could be wrong, but i have a cousin in Florida, and i’m pretty sure that’s what she said a couple of weeks ago when we spoke, but maybe someone can confirm for us?



Congrats. The best of grace and luck, Mrs. Hehe. Treasure the experience, it’s going to come back at many many moments. He’s probably equally nervous, too, but you’ll be looking back at this over many years and chuckling, I think.

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