One More Eucharist Question

I dated a Catholic girl in college. Went to mass with her a few times. Didn’t pay attention. Then one day I thought for whatever reason, ignorantly, that she’d be very pleased with me if I went up and took the communion. I did.

Later I realized I shouldn’t have done that.

I am starting RCIA soon. Should I mention this in my first confession? Can this sin be forgiven? I have read a lot about the eucharist now and have the utmost respect for it, unlike then.

All sins can be forgiven.

Have you been baptised?

As I understand it: If validly baptised, then you should absolutely confess this during your first reconcilliation. If, however, you’ve never been baptised. Your eventual receipt of that sacrament will cleanse you of both original and actual sin. Which is why converts who do the triple-header (baptism, communion, and confirmation) need not run out of the church and do reconcilliation between the baptism and communion. The baptism you just experienced, indeed from which your forehead is still damp, is sufficient to convey upon you the proper state in which to receive communion.

Indeed, that might be the single most sin-free receipt of communion you’ll ever experience!


Jesus loves you. You are confessing your sins to Him.
The Priest will say, “I forgive your sins in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”.

In order to be a mortal sin, you’d need to know that it was a serious sin, and decide to do it anyway at the time you acted.

For a good Confession, confess all the sins you can remember.

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