One more prayer intention for the night for purity

I have been fighting a battle against looking at unclean sites as of late. I do very well some days and stumble the next. I am asking that the faithful on this site pray for me to stave off the temptation next time I am tempted to look at a porn site. I want to be rid of for good this evil desire to look at filth, I don’t want to let the evil one win my soul; I cant do this alone and I ask you my brothers and sister to pray for me. Thanks in advance to you all, and if you have any prayer requests of your own let me know.


John, you are in my prayers.

My Jesus, Pardon and mercy through the merits of your Holy Wounds.

Praying that God will help you to overcome this problem.

Lord, may John have a special devotion to your most pure mother Mary. May he win his battle by praying the Rosary daily, doing mental prayer daily, doing spiritual reading daily, and by always keeping away from every occassions of sin. He can not do this alone, he needs the sacraments and your help. Please help him to love you more than sin. Help him to find a good confessor and spiritual director for the help and the attention he needs. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

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