One Must Take A Stand for Morality


I am in RCIA classes wanting to become a Catholic (Episcopalian background). I wish that all of your Catholics would stand by ALL the moral teachings of your great Church for you are the only ones in the entire world who have consistency as to what Jesus would teach. I know it is difficult but no matter the challenge you must support any political candidate based on his or her morals that reflect the Church. Don’t you realize that when you don’t, especially with regards to abortion and stem cell research, you are slowly picking away from the greatest morals and that is the sancity of all life? I have had abortions AFTER being married! For after all they are but a mass of tissue!! Vote the character and morality for our President; you must do this. It is obvious whose beliefs are sincere and who is trying to do the best for the country even if choices have been wrong. Allow God to judge. We should only judge by the heart and morality of that soul and put those in elected offices that are true to their beliefs. What little faith you all have if you go against your Church basic teaching to preserve life for what issue could ever be more impoirtant and of the utmost priority over ALL others. Don’t you be the judge allow God to judge the candidates on other issues. Vote for the candidate that understands the value of human life especially of the yet to be born.


thank you, God bless you, and I pray you will enjoy the consolation of sacramental confession as soon as you are able, please ask the priest directing your RCIA program about this ASAP.

There are a couple of threads out there about scandal. The biggest scandal is professed Catholics who refuse to live out all the implications of their profession of faith in public and private life. Mea culpa.


Amen, amen. I have discovered, later in life unfortunately, the deep wisdom that comes with becoming obedient to my church and her teachings.


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