One obstacle out of the way:)


So....for my impending Africa expedition, I need to see a doctor and get a ton of shots. I was afraid I'd be shelling out a ton of money for this, in addition to every other associated fee.

Turns out, after a discussion with my insurance company, my shots are covered.

Praise God.......

Now for those other ones.....

Thanks for the prayers!!!


oh exciting! where in Africa are you going? I spent 4 months in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa (and went through the countries n between but didn't spend much time in them). Unforgettable! I'd so LOVE to go to West Africa next time, specifically Morocco and Mauritania.

yeah, the shots are usually covered. much cheaper than treating you for yellow fever or typhoid;)


Hi, where exactly are you going in Africa. Yellow fever is important and also talking Maleria tablets if you are going to certain African Countries. But if you are coming to South Africa there is nothing to worry about. I live in Johannesburg in South Africa and we have a wonderful country. I think people think that when they come here they will see animals in the street. You will see cows and stuff if you go to the rural areas.

We have so lovely places you can go to Cape Town is great and so is Durban. Durban is where I was born but staying in Johannesburg years now. There is the Kruger National Park which has wonder game and wildlife. We have wonderful restuarants that has some excellent food etc.

Where ever you are going you must enjoy yourself. And sometimes the stories you hear are not all true. Yes every country has its problems but if you go to the right places with the right people you will actually enjoy visiting the African Countries. And you will surprised at the wonderful people you. They call us the Rainbow Nation here is SA as there is a real mixture of people.




I'm so excited.

Any advice, feel free to give it. I want to know what to expect for four months :)


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