One of my guy friends is really sweet


OK, so one of the guys and I have become really good friends in the past 6 weeks and it’s really cool. We have the best conversations ever (we’re both Catholic, both into traveling, into the same music, from the same area of the country, of similar ancestry, the list goes on) and he’s so concerned for my well being. He always walks with me so I don’t walk alone at night, always gets the door for me, has me walk in front of him, etc. and he even offered to cook for me. It’s not even that he has a crush on me or anything, this is how he treats all women. I don’t even think I have a crush on him, but he’s definitely one of those people you don’t meet every day.

I have to say, in this day and age where college guys aren’t always seen in the best light, it’s very refreshing to know someone who respects women so much.


It’s nice that you’ve found a man of character to be friends with. They are out there.


Hold on…he offered to cook for you…are you 100% sure that he doesn’t like you? Cause that’s a bit too much and not even done in a subtle manner. You sure he says that to all girls?


He’s cooked for a bunch of my friends. I don’t know if he has a crush on me, but he really cares about people in general. I was just saying how I wanted some good Italian cuisine and he offered to cook for me if I wanted some (he and I are both Italian). I think it’s really sweet of him to offer:)


lol oh I see; you have reason. He did it in a very fluid way so that is indeed difficult to read. In any case, I love it that such men exist. So helpful and chivalric without any alterior motive (or atleast it seems). That’s beautiful.


Lol, in any case, romance or not, I’m very thankful to God for such a friend because I’ve never seen anyone care so much for women as he does.


That is really a nice thing to hear.

IF things ever turn romantic, you’ll be starting from an ideal foundation-- friendship first. And not a superficial, silly one, but a deep friendship rooted in a shared faith and common interests.



Honestly, I don’t know if we’d ever be romantic but he’s probably one of the best friends I’ve ever had. It’s like we just get each other.

Thank God for amazing people:)


That’s nice and such friendships exist. Sometimes people know they’ll be friends rather than anything else even if they don’t have anything against each other.


That’s absolutely adorable!!! I’m so blessed to have a group of guy friends that do that for me, too. My best friend Chris is especially like that. :smiley: He rushes to open the door for me, always gets me a drink at dances, and he’s like that to all my friends (especially his sweetie Monica! :p). I love how guys are like that. :smiley:


I’m so happy for you guys! Same thing happened to me recently, too. He is so nice…and I’d like to be at least friends, you know, build up a solid foundation. I haven’t met many guys that I could hear (most of the time anyway), and who are so kind. And also he’s a Catholic, it turns out his parish’s priest who was transferred out recently is my parish’s new priest who just transferred in!

It’s been only two weeks that I’ve known him. I sincerley hope a good friendship develops.

A toast to all nice guys!


That IS refreshing–how nice that you have found a good friend.:thumbsup:


Lol, we’ve become such good friends that within 3 weeks of meeting him, a friend had seen us together and wanted to know if I’d known him previously! A lot of the guys I’ve met are so good to girls. It’s nice to see guys being nice to girls regardless of whether they have a crush on them or not. Back home, a guy treated a girl like a lady if he wanted to date her but forget it if not (2 of my guy friends were an exception). On campus, when I first came, I was nervous about going to my dorm alone at night, so two of the guys walked with me. The other guys are like that too.

God has truly blessed me with good friends:)

Holly_potter, I’m praying for you and your friend!


Thank you so much! And likewise you! :slight_smile:


You are 100% correct.

But I fear this man might have already discerned the other vocation. haha Either that or he’s quite simply nicer than I am. If only I could cook…

You should thank this gentleman for his kindness if you haven’t already. Perhaps you can offer to cook for him too! :thumbsup:


I do, I do! The only issue with the cooking is that I have neither a refrigerator nor supplies to cook with so I can never return the favor! :o


I’m sure he knows that, if he’s cooking for you! But what do you enjoy to do? Crochet him a “manly” hotpad? Find obscure, delicious recipes from the library? :slight_smile:

On a related note, I made cookies today, that I’m going to bring to my next meeting to share with everybody, including you know who…:smiley:



I can’t crochet either…


Hmm, sounds like something’s brewing. My fiancee and I were friends first, and now we’re getting married in 11 days. :slight_smile:


Only God knows…

But for right now, I’m more than happy to be just friends. I like having guy friends who treat all their lady friends right, not just the ones they’re interested in:)

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