One of the best feelings


At the sign of peace in mass ,thinking of, and really forgiving someone in your heart and then remembering them after receiving Jesus :heartpulse: Then acting on that forgiveness somehow in person.



That’s a lovely thought :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh gosh, I pray God grant that gift to me and my loved ones and everyone! I’m sadly not there as there are 2 grudges I hold that are like a disease. I pray for those two people but out of obedience, there is nothing in my heart for them and I feel bad.
God bless you.



These people you speak of have souls just like yours. They are on a journey, perhaps unbeknown to them. Our spirits are eternal and given by God therefore we share one Father, one beginning, one ultimate purpose. We are asked to love our neighbour as ourselves, care for them as we would or should care for ourselves and our own kin, because they are ourselves, inside, hidden, just like us.

If you drop a plate you may be annoyed with yourself for a while but then you stop, why? Why don’t you hold a grudge against yourself for years? We are all of the same house, and a divided house cannot stand.

Let it go, peace be with you.



You have a most beautiful heart, greenie!


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