One of the most egregious case of media unprofessionalim and bias I have ever seen!

I’m sorry, but I have very rarely seen a newsperson (aside from folks like O’Reilly and Olbermann) lose their cool and unprofessionalism like O’Brien had. (And yes, I have seen Fox folks lose it as well and be unprofessional).
I have very rarely seen somebody be THIS open about their bias like this.

Amy Holmes was right----ultimately this is about the elite media (both Conservative AND LIberal) dictating to the American people what or what not to believe.
Sweet Jesus. Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.:signofcross::dts::sad_yes:

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As you say the mainstream media is at its worst corrupt and at its best engaged in a kind of ignorant group think regarding the news. You’re only hope is to scavenge the net.

Guys, want to know what’s wrong with the mass media in America, especially the “big” networks??? No “theory” about any of this, it’s all fact, what I am about to say.

First, NOTICE that all major networks (except Fox, not saying that Fox is perfect, no, far from it, but Fox is an exception to this)=== ALL major networks “coincidentally”
happen to cover EXACTLY the very same stories, ALL from EXACTLY the SAME
editorial/political viewpoint ANGLE.
Folks, sorry, but THAT does NOT happen by ACCIDENT.
And it isn’t by accident, either.
Don’t try to tell me that ONLY “liberals” study journalism so that
the networks “have no choice” but to hire ONLY liberal journalists!!! THAT is ********.
They DELIBERATELY HIRE Liberal Journalists, just as the music industry and film and tv industries, DELIBERATELY PROMOTE the careers of mainly actors with LIBERAL political views. It is NOT accidental in either case.
ESPECIALLY NOT with the News Media.
WHO owns these major networks??? Find out THAT, and
you find out WHY what is happening, is happening. It’s not “Theory,” it’s fact.
Find out who are on the Boards of Directors of the major broadcast tv networks, whether ABC, NBC, CBS, or the Big Cable ones (MSNBC, etc.)
You will find, in most cases, that the membership of the boards of directors OVERLAP.
No kidding, but yes, I learned that years ago. They OVERLAP.
And who OWNS these networks? They tend to be the families of the EXTREMELY WEALTHY ((whom you would THINK would therefore all be conservative republicans, but they are NOT. Wealthy, oh yes!! CONSERVATIVE? No way!!!))
And WHO are these journalists?
Research and you will find that many, if not most, of them belong to ROCKEFELLER’s
COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, a one-world-state, liberal Thinktank, and it’s offshoot, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, also a Rockefeller-run, one-world-government promoting Liberal think tank, both of which are very disbelieving of, and hostile to, historic Christianity, including orthodox Catholicism.
It is NO ACCIDENT that most journalists belong to these groups. They, and their bosses, are DELIBERATELY promoting the agenda of the godless United Nations in every respect: abolition of rightful national sovereignty, advocacy of abortion as a woman’s right, advocacy of child killing through partial birth abortions, advocacy of ALL sexual sin, including homosexuality (started in the 50s, when Adultery started suddenly being EUPHEMISTICALLY called “Having an Affair” rather than “committing adultery.”
“Having an affair” sounds NICE. Commiting Adultery sounds nasty.
GAY sounds harmless. SODOMY sounds nasty.
ABORTION sounds medicinal. CHILD KILLING reveals what abortion is, and must
never be used in a news story!!!
Everything about the Green Movement, including the claim that global warming is 100% being caused by our car exhaust, is promoted as if it was proven fact. It is not.
Most scientists ARE PEOPLE who are GODLESS, who SUPPORT the one-world agenda, which the “green” movement was created, in the late 1960s, to help promote (with Rockefeller money, by the way), and don’t mind claiming that things are proven facts when, in fact, there is legitimate reason to doubt these claims. NO ONE DOUBTS global warming, we only question the cause. It is NOT at all certain that car emissions are the main cause of this. What is being proposed to REMEDY global warming is extremely draconian and terrifying. Most of you good Catholics have NO IDEA what the One-World-Government advocates have in store for you and your personal, Christian rights, if they get their way.
PLEASE, start following the money trail. This isn’t, ultimately, REALLY a battle between the left and the right, THAT is “scenery”, THAT is the staged show that you and I are watching and being forced to be a part of, diverting attention to what is happening:
A One-World Superstate, run BY AND FOR the Super-Rich, who are GODLESS,
I am not exaggerating, and I am not speaking mere theories.
This stuff is proven fact and is now happening RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN.
The time for the garbage talk, false accusations of silly “conspiracy theories” is now
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past being over. These “theories” are now all proven to have been facts all along, ever since NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON came out in1964 and NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY came out around 1970. By the way, you can still get these books, used, at
Get them, read them, and see for yourself just how 99% accurate those books have turned out to be. And what LIARS the detractors of those books have ALWAYS been.
PAID liars, by the way, courtesy of the three major networks and now the cable networks, too. OPEN YOUR EYES, brothers and sisters.
I have a video of Walter Cronkite, Hillary Clinton, and a host of others at the World Federalists convention, praising the erosion of U.S. national sovereignty and laws and praising and urging the creation of a One-World Super State run by the U.N.
And they used to say these were “silly conspiracy theories” by rightwing madmen and John Birchers. BUNK. It was 100% TRUE all along. ALL ALONG.
Treason abounds!! What’s the reason??
When treason abounds, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON.
Media bias is NO accident. It is all, all of it, intentional. YOU are being BRAINWASHED.
They DON’T call it “PROGRAMMING” for nothing, ya know.
God bless you,

It’s working.

I heard the audio on the radio. Obama had plenty to say while introducing the law professor, about a minute worth. What CNN showed was just his final comments introducing Derrick Bell, not the entire video.

What bothers me is that Charles Ogletree hid this video. Charles Ogletree is well known and was a sometime moderator on the PBS series American Experience. And that the mainstream media, who knew of this video, chose only to show excerpts.

Yes, WE need to judge – not to have anything censored.

By the way, Derrick Bell was a Marxist and a friend of Louis Farrakhan which was never mentioned.

Despite protestations of journalistic accuracy and rigid adhesion to the 1st Amendment, There has been little truth and honesty in the mass media in the US since before the American Civil War, otherwise known by some as The War of Northern Aggression.
Like it or not, the abolitionist Northern press was a prime instigator of that war.
The Spanish American War was started by William Randolph Hearst in order to boost the circulation of his newspapers. He actually told an illustrator he sent to Cuba " you send me the pictures, I’ll supply the war". During the early years of WW I, all news coming from Europe was slanted against the Germans because the only telegraph cable to the US ran through Great Britan, and they controlled its content, thereby slanting American public opinion into entering the war on the British side.
In recent times, the mis-representation of events by the likes of the New York Times and major TV networks is the reason we lost the war in Viet Nam, and led to the abasement of the veterans of that war at home.
Even today, the NYTimes still blatently slants the news in favor of its own editorial agenda, vis a vie the assault against freedom of religion and the Catholic Church by the Obama regime. The NYT is slanting their reporting to make the issue one of womans rights…and the recent uproar about the Georgetown University law student who testified pro choice before congress-nowhere has the Times revealed that the woman is a professional pro-choice activist!!! Instead, she is portrayed as a naive school girl who is being set upon by the terrible anti- womans issues conservatists.

I suppose the real lesson here is coming to realize just how powerful the media can be wether it is corrupt or not as some suggest.

It was an interesting video for sure.

hey, did anyone ever read Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV? ive been meaning to look into it


The question is-----
If it is ultimately just “harmless” the act of Obama hugging and supporting Bell, why did Ogletree himself said it was good that the tape was hidden from the public in 2008?
But it “does not matter now.”



Yes, it is.

IMO, it does matter. Did then and does so now. It gives more us more insight. We should have known it existed so we could decide if it was nothing or if it meant something as each person perceives if for themselves.

That was what i was getting at.

I agree.

So sad the depths the MSM will go through to put their own spin on things bith political and social.

I agree basically with what you are saying.

Yeah, he (or she?) said it better than I ever could. But I am not even going to lie. I am scared :frowning: I just wish this world weren’t in such a Satanic choke-hold so I could live my life in peace and relaxation. What do we do, especially if we are so afraid? One thing I won’t ever do though (I hope) is hand my soul over to corruption in order to serve the elite or become one of them.

We are living in and witnessing the fruition of Satan and “his” world. It is unfortunate that the current times are becoming so divisive, and that we will have to struggle to keep our Faith, but this is not new.
“[36] Jesus answered: My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from hence.” Gospel of St. John; Ch. 18

The Jews turned away from the Faith and were exiled and ultimately scattered over the earth. The New Covenant was established to defeat sin and death but we must CHOOSE IT. It is no surprise that we are seeing this culmination of evil attempting to defeat Christ and The Church. And it will get allot worse. Pray for a sustaining Faith.

“[26] Therefore fear them not. For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed: nor hid, that shall not be known. [27] That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops. [28] And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Gospel of St. Matthew; Ch. 10

Scriptural quotes from:

Yes, indeed. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I feel the same way. It’s scary that growing up prayer was said over the loudspeaker at my public school and my first grade teacher was allowed to read the Bible to her students, but today Christianity is being persecuted by the government and the media.:frowning:

I’m so happy I never went to a pubic school. I went to a Catholic primary school(prep to grade 2) and one of the richest Anglican private schools in my country. I’m proud of the education I received in both of these schools.

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