One of the most gorgeous videos of God´s creation I´ve ever seen!

Mere words cannot even begin to describe how awesome this video is...You just have to watch and see for yourself.

God bless

THAT is so beautiful. Words can't even describe. Thanks so much for posting it.

Thanks for sharing.
It’s a beautiful video, excellent HD quality.
I particularly like the star trail shots. I was looking for footage like that a while back and was unable to find anything half as good as this video.

Thank you so much for the lovely Easter gift! I’ve already passed it along to a friend.


And the music is so lovely. I purchased it from itunes! ;)

You're very welcome to all... :D :D :D :D I am glad to see so many enjoyed it and hope that more people will pass it on.

God bless

Thank you for sharing this. I’ve passed the link on to friends.

Those are wonderful videos. The guy used Canon 5D Mk II to capture the videos. I thought it was shot with RED Epic camera or something like that.

[quote="SuscipeMeDomine, post:7, topic:237210"]
Thank you for sharing this. I've passed the link on to friends.


You're welcome. :)

God bless

Thank you for posting this. The time lapsed video-photography is exceptional and the person put a lot of work into making this video as well so may God bless this person who posted the video as well.

God be with you TempleofTheSoul,


So lovely! Thank you for sharing this! God is so great!

You may also view this beautiful video here:

But I have to warn you some of the comments are ( insert words here) :rolleyes:

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