One reason I love my spouse


So here is how the thread goes. One reason you love your spouse today. It can be as long or as short of a post as you would like, but only one thing (per day). Feel free to come back and post something (one thing) new tomorrow, the next day, etc. Got it?

I will go first....

After a lot of craziness this week between the two of us, we were able to finally come together to show compassion, forgiveness, and the strength of our marriage and our committment to each other and our vows. So today, I love and am thankful for my wife's forgiveness.


Today I love my spouse because he has been searching for a job for over a year at the level in which he should be employed and despite the fact that he is grossly underemployed, doing a job that he was qualified to do 15 or so years ago for the equivalent salary, he goes to work each day with a smile on his face and does his best to provide for our family. [SIGN]I'm lucky to have him![/SIGN]




Today I love my spouse because he is so caring and does so much for me. As I type this DH is out with DS for some daddy toddler bonding time so I can have some me time :D. It is so quiet!


What a fabulous idea for a thread! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Today I love my spouse…
… because he always makes such an effort to spend time alone with ME. He met me for lunch (he works from home every other Friday), and we’re going out tonight with some friends (while Grandma spoils the kiddos).
He’s a good father, but more importantly he’s a good husband. Marriage is a sacrament - so focusing on and celebrating our love is important… I’m glad he sees US as a priority.


He always puts his family first. He’s a wonderful father. He’s both gentle and strong. He does almost all of the housework and still almost never grumbles when he has to pick up my socks from all over the place… :o


I’m not feeling well today, and he did a funny little dance to cheer me up. It was so cute.


I love my husband because he works hard all day and then still offers to help me with things or to take over things so I can have a break when he gets home.


One of the (many) reasons I love my husband is because he drove me to my job which is two hours away on Monday morning at 4:30AM and then on Wednesday night he came to surprise me for a visit and got a hotel room for us to enjoy (I stay in a dorm during the week) and took me to a nice dinner! :D He's going to be on his way to get me for the weekend soon!


I love this thread; it makes me call to mind the positive1

Today, I love my husband because he let me sleep till 5:15 instead of 4:45! And, after a 12 hour day, he will clean the kitchen and walk the dog with my oldest son while I am in the next town with our youngest son's hockey game.


-Because he doesn't have it in him to ever criticize me or hurt my feelings... he treats me with complete respect.


Today I love my hubby because he spent time cuddling with me even though the taxes and his paperwork and our other “duties” were calling us. We took a cat nap together this afternoon and it was heaven.


Ok. hmm. OMG, I totally do not have any reasons why I love my spouse today. I have reasons why I don’t love my spouse today :thumbsup:


*Today, I love my husband because he is planning a nice evening for us for Valentine’s day, and usually, he leaves the planning up to me. Nice to have him thinking about it…without me saying anything. :love: I also love my husband today, because he makes me laugh, right at a time when he knows I need to most. :o

MirrorMirror…awesome thread idea. :thumbsup:*


In a general sense, I love my husband because he is loyal to the core...all of his brothers, same way. His mom and dad must have instilled that in them, growing up. Loyal and faithful...He is extremely trustworthy...keeps his word. :)


one reason i love my spouse today:

because tonight for our at-home date night he wants us to learn the Jai Ho dance from Slum Dog Millionaire!

he's so fun and funny!


The reason I love my spouse today and always is because he puts God first in his live so naturally I reap all the benefits.


…she doesn’t make a big deal out of things that don’t have to be a big deal. :thumbsup:


I love my spouse for being strong and sensitive through all my bad times


…whenever he’s at work, he always calls me to tell me how much he misses me. :love:

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