One Relationship, 2 opposite callings


I have been involved with a man for just over a year. He and I immediately felt a bond. God has been a part in our relationship from the beginning. About 4 months in, he began struggling with having peace with our relationship. We slowed things down, but continued in a close friendship, but have not seen other people. He sponsored me through RCIA, and is my children’s godparent.
He then disclosed to me that he felt God may be calling him to be a priest. I do my best to give him space, and to be at least a friend.
I have prayed so much for God’s guidance on how to proceed with him, and the answer I feel I am getting is to be patient. I truly feel God is calling he and I to be together.
We have discussed if there is any how’re for us to have a future, and neither of us is willing to walk away and call it completely quits. My heart aches because I know where God wants me, but he is so unsure. Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated!


It would not be a good idea to cling to this relationship; if he feels he is being called to the priesthood, then he needs to find a spiritual director and explore that calling. Once that question is settled, for good, then you two can decide where your relationship will go.


+1. And keep your prayer life and penance up to date. That never goes amiss!


Women who love or care for men who are being called to the priesthood, or who are already part of the priesthood, support that calling and do not interfere with it. If he is truly being called to the priesthood, and you interfere with that he not only will not care for you in return, he will resent you, even if he should marry you.

It’s really best to distance yourself from him. Respect what he feels is his calling.


A very wise post. Give him space as it is a decision only he can make. Pray for what God desires, not our own.


There is a song by Luke Spehar called “An Explanation”. It might help you a bit in this situation to accept and support his need to discern. You can find it on YouTube or Spotify I think.

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