One small step for the Church, one giant leap for God!


I really like this topic! How do you think the Church would look like in the far future in SPACE! Will we find ALIENS and how would we bearing them to Christ? I love space and it’s fun seeing people respond to these questions. Remember, say if you are a spacefan! God bless!


If we find aliens, it’s possible that they won’t need to be brought to Christ, unless they are human aliens, because it is humankind that has dallen and is in need of a savior. Jesus came down as a man to save man.


Nope. The Universe beyond Earth is sterile.


Matt Fradd has a really great answer to this. Skip to about 6:58 on the video and you’ll hopefully get the answer you seek!


If God wants us to find aliens, we will, all in due time.
Who knows, they may have a better knowledge of Christ than we do.


In the book of Genesis the stars are described as having 3 functions - to mark seasons, times, and for signs. The stars we see are part of a giant clock, like the gears we’d see if we took off the back of a grandfather clock or watch. The Bible nor Jesus said anything about the stars being homeworlds to other beings, this is man’s imagination and invention.


Spoken like a Sola Scripturist…

The universe is much, much, much bigger than what we see in the visible sky.

The Bible nor Jesus said anything about the internet. Wait…how are we having this conversation??? It’s not in the Bible so it can’t exist!


Your internet comparison doesn’t make sense because the Bible doesn’t discuss the internet at all.

But it does discuss the existence of the sun, moon, and stars. It also discusses their functions.

And I am most definitely not a Sola Scripturist because I take the Bible at it’s word that the stars are calendars to mark time and recognize that anything beyond that is human conjecture.


The Bible wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of all knowledge in the universe, and Catholics certainly don’t view it that way.


Are the stars balls of gas burning billions of miles away? (Thanks, Pumba) Is the Sun a star, just much closer?


I angsted over the alien question before taking a CS Lewis ‘Narnian’ approach.

God may have created different dimensions with similar salvation acts. Maybe, it’s not just man who are made in God’s image but all creatures of logic and higher consciousness.

I get chills when Aslan sings Narnia into existence.


And can you image the reaction of world if aliens came to our planet and asked if we knew about Jesus?


Hello take us to your pope!:space_invader:


That doesn’t explain the many stars that can’t be seen by the naked eye. What’s their purpose? Hundreds of billions of them…


There’s nothing indicating that it’s mention of the stars is intended to be comprehensive. I’m sure you’d acknowledge we know more about the stars but than the information contained in the Bible.


Moot point:

Drake Equation
Fermi Paradox
Impossibility of Light Speed (or near light speed) travel


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