One thing i don't like about Ann Coulter..

For one thing she seems to contradict herself with this statement (from her book Guilty):

The most worhsipped figure in modern America is the “single mother.”

What??? :confused:

The most worhsipped figure in modern America is BHO… (or WAS…?)

She goes on to say that liberal politicians like to focus on the issue of single motherhood… the idea that they are victims… something i DO agree with (the focus part).

I don’t like what she goes on to say on this issue of single motherhood.

Example: “There is no better example of phony victims who are actually victimizers than single mothers. We’re not living in Dickensian England, with husbands dropping like flies from cholera, plague [etc] creating blameless single mothers… We have ‘single mothers’ because more than a million women choose to have children out of wedlock every year in America, and do not then wed or give the babies up for adoption. By their own choices, they consign their children to starting life with second-class status.”

I agree with that, except for the 1st line…

She then gives statistics…

This is what i don’t like: "[S]ingle mothers" are women who, by their own volition, have done everything in their power to ruin their children’s lives before they’re even born. It makes no difference if the pregancny was unplanned, unwanted or accidental. And many aren’t any of those. Getting pregnant isn’t like catching the flu. There are volitional acts involved…"

Maybe i don’t even disagree with this because she doesn’t use the word “intentionally” to qualify how women ruin their children’s lives by not marrying. But that’s what she seems to be implying.

She doesn’t seem to take into consideration that not all women are raised in a solidly Christian home, one where moral values are taught (and emotional support/good example provided, etc).

We have had 40 yrs of the “Sexual Revolution” to deal with… People (especially young, naive women) ARE influenced by society’s mores… even when they tend to think they are acting independently, making their own decisions…

No woman deliberately gets pregnant and/or has a child just to mess up his/her life.
I don’t understand why she can’t seem to allow for such things as psychological problems, lack of (true) religion, lack of love (some women have children because they want love, have never really been loved…). Does she ever think of such things? Or is she so seemingly cold and apparetly unfeeling because she’s never really known any poor, single mothers on welfare? or what???

If she had said something about how these psychological kinds of issues can seriously affect and influence a woman (and men also) i wouldn’t now be complaining. But she didn’t…

So i can understand people complaining out her “bedside manner”

Your comments?

i know a welfare mom who had a terrible family of origin… long story what i mean… but she sees a lot of things now, in hindsight, that she didn’t / couldn’t see when she was young, messed up, and making bad choices like the choice to have children without being married. She wanted to be married but the father of her children was a selfish so-and-so… a non-Christian (She was a weak Christian, wasn’t taught Christian values when young… etc)…

in any case, she was emotionally messed up from the family-of-origin problems… had run away from home when a teen, etc…

She didn’t know the right way until she became Catholic… a long, circuitious journey…

this brings up another point: Ann Coulter is supposed to be pro-life… and i believe she is but what does she suggest these women do… the ones who cannot possibly live with the abusive father of the child(ren)… the ones who are date-raped and get pregnant… .etc…?

again the Sexual Revolution is partly to blame…

nothing is EVER just one person’s fault…

Single parenthood is not the best thing for kids or society but there’s no easy answer in how to deal with it.
No matter what you say on the subject, someone will attack you as being either pro-abortion or a bleeding heart.
At least Ms. Coulter’s bringing a difficult subject to folks’ attention.
I’m a single mom, but not by choice &honestly know it’s not the best I can offer my kids but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.
I like Ann Coulter, though.And am not offended by what she says.

I’m offended by what she doesn’t say… as i’ve already explained.

i dont disagree with what she says, not really ANY of it … only that she leaves out a lot of things that need to be said…

she is fortunate to have had not only a Christian upbringing (Christian mother / Catholic father not that catholic is not Christian, of course…) but also a healthy family as far as anyone can tell… the person i mentioned in my post was basically raised Christian but not taught moral principles very well and… well this person went through a lot of awful stuff w/ the family of origin tht made her want to not go on living… better that she had children as a way of finding love (when she didn’t have God, to speak of) than ending her life…

i just wish Coulter would be a little more… complex or something… on this issue…

you may not always feel like it, but you are very blessed to have children in your life… :grouphug:

I have not read the book, but I have seen Ann Coulter speak about all those “Hollywood” women who are having babies out of wedlock. Many young girls emulate their “idols” and think it is “cool” to have illegitimate chldren.

An American Idol winner, a few years ago, was an unwed Mom, and promptly came out with a song “My Baby Mama” or something like that. I think those are the “target” of Coulter’s rant.

she mentioned that in Guilty

i wish more people listened to her… I didn’t even know she existed (maybe) a yr or so ago… and when i first saw the cover of one of her books i was turned off… I still don’t know why she has to dress that way… One would never guess (i didn’t anyhow) that she was much more than … well, hate to say this but … a bimbo or something… I was really shocked when i found out how intelligent and infomred she is… and how much sense she makes… She says things that i have been thinking for years and yet… didn’t articulate it as well as she does… Of course, that is not my line of work so … i’m excused… :smiley:

anyway… all i would ask is that she modify her statements… give some people (who really are victims… and who of us is not in some way?) a break. That doesn’t mean that she is in any way lessening her message or watering it down… if done correctly… and i have confidence she can do it correctly…:slight_smile:

we are all victims of the Sexual Revolution, so called… Like many (most?) revolutions of recent history (1793 onward:rolleyes: )… it was NOT a revolution but a Devolution (the american Rev being the possible exception)… i say Possible because… i believe in everythingg it stood and all… but waht bothers me was all that bloodshed… :eek: :frowning: may have been better to submit to the British… i mean, they were… more/less Christian…

This reminds me: Thank you… all of you who fought / fight for my (our) freedom… or the freedome of others :slight_smile:

I agree with this another thing is most of those Hollywood moms don’t even take care their kids. Oh they show them off in public but other than that nannies take care of them.

I read the book Guilty and while Coulter can be a bit acerbic at times and occasionally a bit hyper in her rhetoric, she seems to draw reasonable conclusions from actual facts rather than wishful thinking.

She certainly does indeed promote the ideas of personal responsibility, an outlook on life that is not the egocentric and consumerist, promotes the fact that right and wrong actually exist and that people should not be so open-minded that their brains fall out.

While I find her style occasionally annoying, I generally like her. Particularly because she has serious fact to back up her assertions. Did you notice the footnotes in that book? The chapter on single moms had somewhere around 100 footnoted citations! (And not to Wikipedia either!)

for sure…

but Brad and Angie may be the exception…

'cause last time i heard Brad was having some kind of nervous breakdown or something…

(proves he is around kids a lot) :smiley:

yes, i did…

maybe this sounds narrow-minded but i would like her even if she didnt have footnotes…

because, as stated, i’ve had the same kinds of thoughts as she … just never wrote a book… (too lazy):smiley: among other reasons…

one time i was reading along and all of the sudden, there was this paragraph that was written almost verbatim in accordance with my thoughts… on this one subject… wish i could recall wht it was exactly… but anyhow… its amazing how she & in think so much alike!!

i particularly liked her remark about how Roeder just did a termination on Tiller… in the
240th trimester… :smiley:

and when she threw the liberals’ craziness back into their faces by saying (something like…):

I personally don’t condone shooting abortionists but i don’t want to force my morals on anyone else. :extrahappy:

sometimes i really like ann coulter and sometimes i don’t agree with her at all.
i guess that is what makes her controversial.

she definitely isn’t one to hold anything back, but in my opinion, sometimes she goes too far. i always try not to judge someone if i haven’t walked in their shoes. someone becoming a single mom once and taking on the role is different than someone have 5 children from different fathers as a single mother and going on welfare and food stamps, so i think she needs to separate the two groups of single mothers and not be critical of those who are responsible for the choice they have made. sometimes single mothers make better moms because they chose to have the child and be a mom and didn’t have the child to hold the marriage together. there are many married women that aren’t the best moms in my opinion.

for sure… Hedda Nussbaum… Andrea Yates… etc…

Actually, in her book, Guilty, she does indeed separate single mothers into three broad groups; widows, divorced, and never married.

She found that many of the social problem exhibited by children of widows are similar to those raised by married parents. Children raised by divorced single mothers have a much higher incidence of various problems and anti-social (e.g. criminal) behavior. Children of the never married, whether they were co-habitating with a man or not, had the highest incidence of problems and anti-social behavior.

Her conclusion is that families who had the tragic experience of having to bury the father seem to be the only category of single mothers where the children make out okay.

Of course there are legitimate reasons why a woman should sometimes leave the father, abuse being foremost in my mind. But in cases of domestic abuse, the children are suffering and being psychologically (at the very least) harmed anyway. In these cases, it really is a lose/lose for the kids, which was another point she made.

i think you misunderstood my post. i meant she should divide into groups the single mothers who “CHOOSE” - not because they are widows or divorced - but they make a choice to be a single mom. there are some single mothers who are quite capable and do not see themselves as victims and there are others who do see themselves as victims and never get back on their feet. in other words, she shouldn’t be critical of all single mothers. again, i am not speaking of mothers who are single because they are widowed or divorced.

Hi to you, 7 Sorrows – you wrote,

You mean she should have focused, written, and spoke about Lesbians? And then divided the Lesbian mothers into groups? You must either mean Lesbians, or you are being dishonest. The total number of women who are;

*] single mothers by choice, and
*] not through death or divorce, and
*] not Lesbian, and
*] do not feign ‘victimhood’

**is as follows: **

United States - 723
England - 254
Canada - 12
Australia - 177

** These numbers do not include that group of female heterosexual businesswomen who remained single to keep their sexual apparatus available as a promotion asset while climbing the corporate ladder, and then later in life decided to become a single parent.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Dilenschneider Group (representing the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), more than “…eighty percent of [divorce lawyers] polled said they had actually handled a case where they believed there was false accusation of abuse, as in disputes over custody of children, for instance…”. Are you the one to argue with more than 80% of the divorce lawyers, who say that the soon to be single mothers frequently play the “victim” card when divorce is imminent?

Even this thread here is overgrown with ubiquitous references to the “abusive” husband or “abusive” ex-husband or “abusive” boyfriend. In real life there is only a very small number of men who have no problem physically abusing their wives and girlfriends. According to the US Department of Justice, domestic abuse is virtually nonexistent for married women living with their husbands. From 1993 to 2005, the number of married women victimized by their husbands ranged from only 0.9 to 3.2 per 1000.

And of course, those few real abusers are the men that she became attracted to because he was the toughest guy in the bar – a fact which he proved by beating up other drunks who ‘looked at him wrong’, or who spilled beer on him. How she ever thought she would be immune from his violent temper, which he displayed frequently at the tavern, or at the ball game, or the hockey match, or the soccer match (Association Football), is beyond me…? She confidently knew that if any other man ever bothered her, her husband would beat the **** out of him, and teach him a lesson. Why she would ever think she was excused from being “taught a lesson” by her tough husband is also beyond me…? Remember the old joke that has a mountain of truth embedded in its crude presentation: “What do fifty-thousand battered women each year have in common? They don’t listen.”?

Anyway, I’m getting off your point here, so let me steer back. You were talking about single mothers who are such by Choice, and not by Divorce or Widowhood. There are so very few of that species that exists outside of the Lesbian community. So why should Coulter focus her speaking and writing on a group of people which consists of only a few hundreds of people in the Whole Wide English Speaking Sphere of the World? (Again, that group being non-Lesbian single mothers by ‘choice’, and not by ‘divorce’ or by being ‘widowed’ who do not feign being a ‘victim’ of an abusive man or a ‘victim’ by some other reason which they whine is not their fault. When you get naked with a man not your husband, and have unprotected sex, THAT is your choice, and therefore, THAT is your fault).

Just a note-- I don’t think I used bad language in my post above. I did not put the asterisks into the sentence reading “. . .her husband would beat the **** out of him. . .” Apparently this website’s software must have a list of words which it “automatically” Asterisks out. But because the word I DID type has four letters, it could be misunderstood that I wrote a word on a Catholic message board which I never did write.

I did not write any word similar to SHOT, instead the word that I wrote, Asterisked out by the website’s software was more like the word CROP.

So, the sentence actually read, “. . .her husband would beat the cr-- ap-- out of him. . .”. If that word is truly offensive to the majority, let me know and I will conform by change.

To the best of my knowledge, Ann Coulter is a christian, but not a Catholic.
(I just read in the following article that she’s a Constitutional Lawyer-which I didn’t know, but it makes sense):

Church Militant: Ann Coulter on God, Faith, and Liberals

What does it mean to be a good Christian, and do you consider yourself to be a good Christian?

To believe with all your heart at every moment that God loved a wretch like you so much that he sent his only son to die for your sins. Most of the time, I’m an extraordinarily good Christian.

Do you attend church frequently? Do you pray, and whom and what do you pray for?

Yes and yes. I pretend to attend a giant church in New York City, where I pray for the souls of people who claim I’ve never been there. I pray for mercy and divine protection from God’s enemies. When I’m in a jaunty mood, I pray for Him to smite liberals.

What Ann Coulter is really concerned about is whose responsibility is it when dealing with fatherless children. We as Christians are definitely responsible for our sisters. We should do this voluntarily because Jesus prompted us to. We shouldn’t have a government mandate to make us be charitable. When we do then people will be less charitable because they think the Government is taking care of it. I hope I can love ALL the misfortunate, but not because the Government ordered me too, but rather because Jesus did. Ben F PS Glad to see you online Dawn in Texas:)

We have a daughter in San Antonio, who is training to be a Medic with the Army National Guard (under the Governor of the State). She has earned her EMS. She’s at Ft. Sam Houston.

Glad to meet you, Ben. (We are waaaay out in the country. In the area of Brenham-roughly…halfway between Houston & Austin). Brenham is where Blue Bell Ice Cream originated! mmmmm…

Sad thing is, what used to be shocking has become the norm. With the Feminist Movement, we have learned we don’t need men to raise children. Hollywood helps this movement-but they have the money to do the job. One just needs to look at Jody Foster. Madonna (Lourdes). Sheryl Crow. Octuplet Mom!!!

…I believe it takes more than money to raise a child. But then again, I am old fashioned in many ways.

God Bless.
+Pax, -Dawn

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