One thing I will say on behalf of Mormons

I don’t normally see Mormon politicians getting stung by sexual scandal like I see so often with Catholic and Evangelical politicians.

One of the reasons is because there are more Catholic and Evangelical politicians than there are Mormon ones. In fact, I imagine that this is the biggest, if not the only, reason.

But we are making up for it, y’know. We, after all, are stuck with Harry Reid–who is, by the way, a VERY good Mormon. Former Bishop, Temple attending, true believing. I wish that his state would vote him out and he would retire to be a General Authority; it would keep him out of trouble.

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You know, I didn’t know that Harry Reid was a member of the Church. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that politically I am not a fan of his. :wink:

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You didn’t? (grin)

Well, he has been extremely useful to me if only for one thing: whenever someone starts categorizing all Mormons as right wing fanatics as if it were an article of faith, I can shoot the whole argument down with two simple words:

Harry Reid.

When he DOES get defeated, I’m going to miss him just for that.

But yes, he’s not only LDS, he’s a devout and active member. He was a very good bishop, and his avowed political goals are not a bit out of place—if only he were advocating them for private organizations like the church (which agrees with his aims) rather than imposing them on us by force of law. Like I said, he should live a long, happy, productive life–as a Seventy or other General Authority.

I don’t think that is the only reason. I think it’s because Mormons are just more likely to live their religion than members of other faiths. It would be interesting for example to see the percentage of Mormons who get abortions in comparison to the number of Catholics and Protestants. My guess is the Mormon rate is lower than that of other religions.

Maybe that’s because they already have so many wives they don’t have time for anything else! :smiley:

From what I picked up about Mormons on this forum, it seems that the LDS church keeps a tight rein on its members. In the Catholic Church and mostly other non-Catholic churches they pretty much stay out of your private life unless there is a direct conflict with the church.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi (a Catholic!) said that the Catholic Church didn’t know or teach when life begins? She got called into the Bishop’s office.

Also, the Catholic Church has Kerry and Kennedy. I’m for term limits!



Oh, that would be a poke in the eye to some of the posters here…but I have no way of figuring that out, do you?

I don’t think that Catholics or Mormons would either group be all that anxious to admit to it. Hmnn… I’ll have to think about that one a minute.

Utah has the lowest abortion rate in the nation, we can find THAT…nationally the abortion rate is 19.4 per thousand, but in Utah it is 6.4 per thousand.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the abortion rate for Catholic women is 1% higher than the national average of 19.4 per thousand.

Interesting point you raise, there.

If George P Lee had been a Catholic Archbishop (is that the equivalent of a General Authority?), his case would have been on the front of every newspaper in the Europe and the US. As it was I think the Church Office made sure that it was kept relatively quiet (even allowing for the lack of interest outside the LDS). Without being uncharitable, I think that it might be safe to assume that the LDS have been even more successful since that case in keeping things under traditional LDS wraps. It is good to hear how rare abortion is in Utah, but they still need more tranquilisers per head than any other state.

Would it?

Remember, George P. Lee was excommunicated from the church in 1989 for 'apostasy and other conduct unbecoming a member of the church." It was the first time a general authority as been excommunicated since 1945, and the church didn’t hide that. I remember it quite well. LEE claimed it was because he disagreed with Pres. Benson about the role of native Americans in the church. He also claimed that the church charged him with polygamy, immorality and teaching false doctrine.

In 1993 he admitted to fondling a twelve year old the year he was excommunicated.

So…if the case WERE to hit the major news, the papers would have also had to report that A: he was excommunicated and B; the church was instrumental in seeing to it that he was prosecuted…both true statements.

It was not all that widely reported—not because the church was hiding anything, but conversely, because it wasn’t. There was no juicy charge of ‘cover-up’ that the media could make, you see; a perv got outed by the church he was supposed to be serving, he got kicked out by said church, and the authorities tried him with the full cooperation of said church. (shrug)

That’s not the sort of story papers and news programs think sell products, y’know. I mean, really–headlines like "CHURCH KICKS OUT PEDOPHILE, TURNS HIM OVER TO COPS’ is not the sort of thing that gets people excited. Makes the church look good, y’see. Can’t have that.

Same thing happens to you guys: I know a young man who went to one of the local priests here in town and told him about some inappropriate behavior by one of the lay people serving in the parish. The priest marched the kid straight to the cops and stuck by him all the way through the investigation and the eventual prosecution and conviction of the perp…and the paper’s didn’t say thing one.

However, when that same priest was accused of inappropriate behavior himself, the papers were all over it, and didn’t make a peep when the accusations proved to be malicious lies.

It’s the way the world works.

And remember, I didn’t claim that Mormons were angels and none of us would behave badly; quite the opposite. We aren’t and we can. I just pray that when it happens, we don’t hide it or try to cover it up. (though people being people, I’m sure that happens too.)

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